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Hi Paul, I am testing the XLR Supreme and the XLR reference in connection on my friends sound system. And, immediately, I could spot the difference. The text is better, having more detail and blacker background! The clarity now is stunning, and bass is more profound and also has more feature to it. Every nuance in the way the rhythm presented is better—more depth to the ambience in the recordings. And, the quality of sound has this softness to it – I love it, and the music is just so incredibly rich and fluid – Reference sound. Best from Eirik.
The UK
Hi Paul. I am listening to the Supreme XLR, and I can’t believe the sound quality. It’s just mind-blowing! I thought the XLR Airdream 2 was good, and it is. But compared to new Supreme XLR, it is in another class altogether. And, It perfectly complements the speaker cables, with sharpness and the musical impact that makes the music sound so fresh, tight and transparent!!
One CD that I played  (Thomas Dybdahl: Science), seemed to lack some of the composure with all the different sound effects with his voice in the middle. They seem to appear randomly, but with the new XLR interconnects, whipped into shape. The tightness was almost unreal and blew me away – Steve UK
Hello Paul – I sat and listened to a couple of tracks that are my “go-to” through the stock original Ethernet cable.  It took me a little while to do this due to the time for that LF driver get seated and broken in.
Once I replaced the original Ethernet cable with the Perkune Ethernet Cat 6 I noticed right away the speed to which my preamp, Naim NAC 272, responded. I started playing some familiar tracks through both UPnP sources and always thought that the streaming “sound” was so accurate and clean, but this has taken it all together to another level!!  It is like someone turned the tap fully open and wow the sound stage and detail is exceptional.
You have done it again, Paul. I never really paid much attention to the Ethernet cable portion of my system, but I should have known, you were right, it is incredible – Bill.
Hi Paul – need to mention the HDMI cable. After it was connected the colours, just pop!! The HD quality in the picture is brilliant!! Also, the sound is excellent!!.l And this is on Led-tv. I need to get me an Oled – TV because This cable would rock it – regards Edvinas

Hi Paul, listening to the new Airdream 2 XLR interconnect, the word “musicality” has now a different meaning then it did before! Thanks to these original top reference interconnect from Perkune, my system sounds bigger and is the highest sounding Hi-fi that I ever owned. The cables I use are all Airdream. And, ensures the signal well maintained throughout the system.

The Airdream 2 XLR, contributes to a wide soundstage and extremely high level of detail in the music. Take the Violin, for example. This instrument can have such an emotional impact. You can listen to the same piece of music with Violin, in the different setup of cables and get very different results. When I heard the XLR Airdream 2, I got that emotional impact and was beautiful, as well, as it was elevating. The excitement from how the Hi-fi system decides to conveys its drums/rhythms, have much to do in the way audio cables allow this magic to happen. Interconnect cables results

I can feel this with the whole of my body when the level of the deep drum and bass presents itself. And, I get in a dream state, where the music draws me in. Also, I notice when high notes become come a single, that they suddenly appeared outside from where the speakers are standing. Out of thin air, it seems and surprises me every time! It just goes to show how important to have great separation in the soundstage. 

This “new” space in the music makes it for a bigger sound. Like more information are coming through, but it’s only better organised and with much better clarity. I  can easily hear the Vocals in their wide variety of nuances. You are making them sound like real people singing, instead of a recorded voice. The richness of a trumpet sound. Or the impact of a piano playing its own accord.

The whole composition in the music feels like it flows in a much more organic way, without harshness. The sound just relaxes you, and takes on a musical journey! The new Airdream 2 brings out the best from any music or movie with its beautiful and brilliant level of details. It so vocal, it’s just singing to you. I feel like it brings aliveness to the music, that makes it fun listening. Paul, you never to stop to amaze me, with your crazy-sounding cable – Best regards Eirik.


Hi Paul, Finally got to listen to new XLR interconnect and what a JOY! And, makes me smile. Such beautiful sounding cables. They made the music come alive, like never heard before. I’m only sorry for that I’m to busy right now, to get to listen to them more. But it will be in touch soon. Best from Sven. Interconnect cables results


Hello Paul, And, just received the AirDream cables this afternoon. They are amazing! I took the time to listen to a Diana Krall track from side B of her latest “Turn Up The Quiet”. And, was a little sceptical about the soundstage and detail could get any better. But, after installing the Perkune Extreme Speaker Cables but all as I can say is wow! I next, removed the Nordost jumpers and installed the Perkune jumpers, installed the Perkune RCA interconnect between the phono-stage and my preamp replacing the Audio Quest Evergreens. Now, I can hear Diana’s breath and the sound of her saliva as she opens her mouth to sing. The voice over the violins and guitar is spectacular.

I was so involved in the vocals and the acoustic/brass that when the flute entered, it startled me, as never before. Such a rich and present sound like someone was playing it right in front of me. The jumpers have opened up the mids and highs to a new level and of course. Also, the RCA Extreme opening up the signal from the phono stage to the preamp like someone just turned the tap open all the way! Once again I applaud you on your engineering of these spectacular cables. And, continue to be amazed at how much more precise and open the soundstage has become. I know they will get better as they burn-in. Thank you, Paul, once again – Bill.


Yo Paul – This new stuff is fantastic – The XLR is brilliant – The sound is more relaxed, and I can tell the soundstage is enormous! It’s opening up. It fills the whole apartment with the sweet sound of music. Voice is more forward and sounds terrific. The right amount of weight and texture. The sound has perfect depth, and I can hear different accords on tones much better. The best interconnect I have ever heard! Everything just seems more significant and better. Even little details shine through! More musical as well! Has Upped the performance of everything in my system and it takes time for me to adjust as well, with the well of new details found. Every track is now even more open and alive. I will leave the cables bedding in for a few hours, and I will write again to you soon, but I would like you to send me the new four-meter speaker cables please with a spade connection at the amp end. Best regards, Virgile Interconnect results

The UK 

Hello Paul, Just received the first interconnect gold and you were right – I am amazed! The sound is insanely good now, and I can only dream of how it will become in the future. I am thrilled to write my experience to you because you put a piece of you in every cable! I have just made a comparison on the new Ultimate RCA and have to say the original cable is just astounding! More clarity!! More soft and musical. I Don’t know how you do it, but this is a masterpiece of an RCA interconnect cable. And, just has that flow to it.

I have listened to a whole album of ‘Nils Petter Molvær’ and this a challenge to make it sound good on any system. The central theme is a trumpet and a mix of his electrical elements with a female voice on some tracks. The experience with this ‘Ultimate’ Interconnect with this album, is a different sound than ever heard on my system. That immediate feeling can only be achieved through extremely high levels of a black background, detailing the delicate nuances in the different instruments playing on the album. The rhythm is superb and now has the right punch into deep bass and what you get is a feeling that draws you into the music. Thank you, Paul, for making this enjoyable experience possible – Jon


Hi Paul, I have just received the Gold Ultimate XLR and been playing music from tidal. I want to say the new edition is supreme in performance, alive and seductive. I am in love with this unique sound. Not only does it bring the music live, but the whole scope of the soundstage is now theatrical. The amazing part is how the nerve in the music, is well highlighted. Never have I experienced the feeling of the orchestra in my living room!! Everything is expressed, in the form of timing, weight, and tonality. It all just flows so effortlessly, making me listen to music differently. Every detail presented. I notice the differences between every single note. The rhythm is fast-paced, so you are going to have a party time listening to this sweet and powerful bass! The way you can distinguish every note makes you feel the son,g and the scale of it all has increased enormously. Reference Quality! I never heard such performance from audio cables before. And my hat is off to you, Paul. I LOVE THE SOUND FROM THE NEW ULTIMATE XLR GOLD Best regards – David.


Hello Paul, Just got the new XLR cable connected and now I understand what you said about being better and baffled how one cable can make such a difference. I have used the silver/copper speaker cable for a while now, and yes, it does sound clearer and has more detailed dynamics. On music with hi-res, it looks great. On streaming (Spotify), it can seem a bit too revealing. So now I have to evaluate this all over again – why? because this new XLR is just so good – John

The USA 

Hi Paul, Just wanted to say how much I love your interconnects, and you were right I did need 1.5 meters! My sound is now much better than I had before. And, I hear details and bass as never before. Last night I had a few friends over who are always here to listen to my latest triumphs. And, they all agreed 100% that my system now sounds the best it ever has. But, still do not understand how the sound can be made so good with cables that cost only a fraction of what I had paid before – Thanks mate, Simon

Hi, Paul – The new interconnect brings fullness to the music. And, the soundstage is better. I listen to a lot of soft jazz. Melody Gardot, Madeline Peyroux, Michael Franks, Suzanne Vega. Also, I like Grover Washington “wine lite”, Larry Carlton, Acoustic Alchemy, David Benoit, Sanborn, Boney James. Also, some Latin Jazz. Astrud Gilberto, and Rock n Roll. FYI – I will be back at the end of the month and may want speaker cable and more cables for my movie room. And, so need to do measurements and then will be able to sort things out – but I am a very happy customer ” THX, Lan. Interconnect results


Hello Paul – I would like to congratulate you on the way that you are making your cables as they do improve the sound in many ways. Last year I bought the 1/4″stereo jack to XLR, and it made my system come to life. And, am now letting this new RCA mini-jack cable settle in. Right from the box, it gave so much more information to the music, and this is something that I demand when I am audio mixing. The list could go on, but in essence, while most Hi-End music listening systems made to sound friendly, studio monitors are made to show the opposite. And, has to be taken into consideration to understand why I am so happy to hear the “bad stuff” with the help of Perkune. I will recommend the cables to my fellow home studio owners without hesitation and, convinced it should get a stable spot in the market. Thank you yet again for your high wires. Tom Blinda.


Hi Paul – You were saying give it 24 hours bedding in time to get the full benefit, well what a massive difference I am getting. Instead of the cheap plastic cable and jack plugs, I was using before. I sit at my desk for hours and work. And, if I have a decent sound set up, it makes me work better. Are you like that? Play your favourite music while you work. This cable is a 2-meter length with metal jack plugs shielded. The sound coming out my small 15w Mini rig speaker is astonishing. I mean it was excellent before, now it’s like how the hell do you get a sound so good coming out such a small cylindrical space. Well, this cable as put it into the stratosphere. Thank you for this beautiful cable – Lou results


Hi Paul, Just got your audio cables and they look excellent – although, while the “joins” are neat and sound I think it would be advantageous to source sleeving which can be “in one piece”. Unless there is an excellent reason not to, which I am missing! The terminations are perfect, and the overall “stiffness” of the assembly is ideal for routing and neat installation. Stiff cables might look impressive, but are a nightmare actually to use! I spent much of yesterday, after installing the audio cables, allowing a few hours to “burn-in” and then in the evening listening. Interconnect cables results

Using a setting other than my “normal preferred” resolved this, and across a wide range of material, it started to sound quite impressive. I would judge on-par with my bi-amped setup! During the next few evenings. And, will continue listening, which should result in your cables being fairly well “burnt in”. I will then change back to the original audio cables and settings, at which point I will be able to be positive — all the best – Graham.


Hi, Paul! – cables are great. They are more relaxed, and I can enjoy my system for what I have accomplished. It’s like I can focus more on listening to my favourite music and nothing sticks out, but allow the soundstage to work together as a whole. The presentation becomes more of what it can convey of the music to you. Very pleasing, I must say—best buy I ever did with my system. So thanks to you, Paul, for giving me the opportunity for this experience. Tomorrow I travel to my friend with the big system. I am taking with me Perkune cables! Pictures and review will follow, so stay tuned and all great, my friend. Robin.

Hi Paul, I think the cable is becoming to the best level. Now the sound is well balanced, crystal hi-end and fat bass I hear out of my speakers. It is way-way more handy to work. And, I can place the sounds exactly where I want like never before. I am going to recommend these cables to all my musician friend back in Hungary. I told my father about it, who is an old-fashioned country musician. He said it’s a “hocus-pokus”. But, can’t wait for him to visit me and run an A\B test to prove the power of these cables. I think I had made the right decision when I purchased, and I am highly satisfied with the quality of sound and your customer care. Warm regards, Matte.  Interconnect results


Hi Paul – Last night I listened to several vocal jazz pieces by Anna Maria Jopek (a famous Polish jazz singer). Her records are always carefully mastered. The sound may shine on a good system, as it does on mine. Thanks to your cables. My fresh findings are:-

  • Depth of the soundstage rendered. And, some of the drumming sounds seemed to come from behind my window. Like 2 meters behind the baseline, which is a good thing.”
  • All, Positioning of sounds on the soundstage is now firmer with more air around instruments; no need to make the slightest guess about the whereabouts of a sound.”
  • Selectivity – way better now. I can easily listen to several sounds at the same time without them being muddied or covered by one another.”
  • Basslines are more defined and better controlled.”

All of the above strongly depends on CD quality, but when it’s right, it’s okay. Hope to give you more insight into my listening experience as it unfolds in weeks to come. – “Have a nice day” regards – Tomas Interconnect results

Hello Paul, I am writing to share with you a bit of my fresh enthusiasm after I implemented the changes suggested by you yesterday. I am practically blown away by the overall sound improvement found in THE SAME system. The depth of the soundstage has dramatically improved. And, together with the Positioning of all instruments, which is now much firmer and easy to pin down. Finally, I can relax and enjoy the holographic sound I have always craved. The Audio Physic Step 25 speakers have spread their wings in the end. O.k. I am going a little overboard, but this is close to what I am currently feeling. So maybe I am going to buy your speaker cables in 1-2 months from now. And, In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the newly found sound of my system.

Best regards – Tom Lasota, Poland.


Hi, Paul – These cables are astonishing! I heard details never heard before. Hearing the guitar on a different soundtrack is now more alive. The soundstage is huge and massive. And, the rhythm and beats are good, they make the whole experience enjoyable! Now, the comparison between XLR and RCA interconnects. Because of the blackest background, I have ever “not” heard. Other than on part with XLR. I had to push the volume a bit more with RCA. Which, was because of the weaker signal on the unbalanced vs balanced. The XLR does have the upper hand, but not by much. Either way, I love this cable. Thanks so much, Charles. Interconnect results

I started with the Elite speaker cables, and they lifted the quality of sound like nothing else. On the success of the audio cables, got the interconnects. And, couldn’t believe the difference they made. On the strength of the successful purchases, I went for the new bi-wire connection. Which, again, lifted the sound even higher. I can’t thank Paul enough for his service and excellent advice. – Joe Timmins – Please send me another cable, But, with XLR terminations and also another two-meter power cord ASAP. Regards – Joe.


Hi Paul, Hope all is well with you and been listening to USB cable a while now. And, I must say that your USB cable is superior to the stock cable I have. Even my friend said it was better when I changed the audio cables. The sound became clearer with better definition in/around instruments and voices. Sounds fuller, with less glare you may say. I am listening to a Norwegian artist with a great view ‘Maria Mena’ – homeless. It was like I had turned the volume up just by switching cables. Another tremendous sounding cable from Perkune – Love it. My friend and I were watching a movie (same setup as me), and he was using some cheap RCA cable between his Blu-ray player and Ayre AX7. I told him, you got to try Perkune RCA. They will be much better! So If could send me your best RCA cable, I know he will be surprised at what he has been missing–Regards, Flynn Interconnect results


Hello Paul, The first time I plugged your cables in I sat quietly expecting some magic. Something to make my jaw drop. Before playing the loss-less files and my project files, I expected to hear a big difference. But, the first time all I heard was a broader and more in-depth image of the music track as a whole. I thought is that all? Oh boy, was I wrong! after they warmed up they came to life and woke me up! Last night after work I spent a few hours re-plugging your cables to my old ones and the difference is ridiculous. I am going to throw my old cables away for which I paid over 100 pounds! And, I wanted to test how things sound, and it is complete crap with my original cables. How I ever thought that my mixes were any good I will never know. And, this is what it is all about making the sound correct. I now want to replace my sub-woofer cables. And, I will need two lengths with XLR to Stereo Jack. Regards – Tommy. Interconnect results


Hi, Paul just finished a 2-hour audition of the power cable. I used it to power my CD player which I run through a Theta DS Pro-Prime DAC. And, all I was changing was the power cable to the disc spinner. So, I find it difficult to express what I experience different from a stock power cable. But, this I know, I do not want to go back to the stock cable! Your cables are superior in many respects. And, if I had to put it into two words, I would say detail, clarity, excellent soundstage. But, that’s several words. My wife, Loretta, picked your cable in a double-blind test using the same track. She sat enthralled, for a further 30 minutes listening to tracks she plays now and then. Quite happy, just to sit still and enjoy the music. Good job Paul – Peter Interconnect cable results


Hi Paul, New power cord which you gave me works better (of course!) than the one attached to the amplifier. And, will keep your new power cord. I want to stay also XLR/RCA cable too, as results are excellent. Don’t know if it is subjective or objective, but I think I hear the difference between old WHITE interconnect (which became my reference for these tests) and XLR/RCA interconnect. Your Interconnect offers a vast improvement over my silver cables. I used it from the DAC output to the preamp. And, the difference in bass detail is phenomenal! On one track what I thought was a single solid note is three separate letters played very quickly. I did not detect any loss in the treble. But again, there is more information presented that was not there before. And, it seems overall more glass-like or smoother than the silver cables were sounding.II would say that this cable is transparent. Hope to see you at the weekend. Regards, Dmitry. Interconnect cable results

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