Bi-wired conversion

Bi-wired conversion cableThe Bi-wired conversion cable. And Bi-wiring is always best for an audio system. Unfortunately, many people own loudspeakers which can accept Bi-wire cables. And sadly the speakers are left with metal bridging plates installed, And, as a result, the Perkune Bi-wired conversion cable introduced in November 2022. 

The Bi-wired conversion cable provides a quick and easy modification. For example, a two-wire loudspeaker cable becomes a Bi-wired cable. And, As a result, increased performance is easily heard. Also, the Audiophile Bi-wire conversion cable can be made any length you require. However, the thirty-five-centimetre size works very well and becomes cost-effective.

The Bi-wired conversion

Bi-wired adaptor in reviewThe Bi-wired conversion cables are constructed similarly to the Matrix loudspeaker series: 24K gold-plated collars (for cable split). And double-screwed connections, terminated with 24K gold-plated banana plugs. And the reason for screwed connections is to eliminate the need for soldering. Also, the Bi-wired conversion cables have a feature which allows you to use a banana or spade connection. By holding the adaptor (where it says Perkune) in your left hand. And with your right hand, hold the knurled cable end. Slowly turn the back anti-clockwise, and the knob unscrews, revealing space to insert a spade connection.

Foil sheathing

Noise and noise removal are one of the biggest problems in the audio industry. And Aluminium foils provide better sound insulation and help to eliminate noise sources. Also, the Aluminium foil’s ability to absorb sound allows unwanted noise to be picked up directly at source preventing further propagation. Also, aluminium foil offers 85 valuable % as a noise insulator. This means only 15% of the respective sound passes through and is ideal for use with audio cables.

Tri – wire

Tri - wire adaptorsPerkune also offers a Tri-wire configuration and certainly offers the perfect solution at a reasonable price. And just add 100 euros to you length you desire.


4 x 25 Cms banana/female banana connection 397 Euros

4 x 40 Cms banana/female banana connection 497 Euros

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