The Guitar cables

Matrix 3:1 guitar cable I The Guitar cablesThe Guitar cables allow you to produce real music from your Guitar. And offer a feeling of control over you music having freedom and expression. Also, the guitar cable provides you a remarkably wide bandwidth and, impeccable signal integrity. And if you are a dedicated guitar player who demands the best (in every sense of the word),this is for you!

The Guitar cables

The guitar is a beautiful instrument, and made for many years. And has been loved by people of all ages and genders from every part of the world. Also, perkune is delighted to offer you these cables


They say everything takes time. And It has taken many years to actually find a cable good enough to handle the tones and after-tones that guitar pick-ups produce. Also, it was more by luck than judgement the cable I use was discovered!


The cables are constructed using the finest plugs supplied by Neutrik. And taken from the professional series of plugs. Also, the silentPLUG automatically mutes (shorts) an instrument (guitar) cable to avoid pops and squeals. Also, the integrated silent switch (pat. pending) is based on REED-technology. And guarantees a lifetime beyond 10,000 mating cycles. Also, the new PX silentPLUG features a rugged metal shell enhanced with a rubber cushion overlay. And provides improved shock protection. Also, if you would like to read more, please follow this like to the Neutiik website.


The performance of the Perkune guitar cable is outstanding. And will bring your guitar to life. Also the Performance is the best there is, and once heard you will never want to use another cable!

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