Matrix S Power Cable

Matrix S power cableThe Matrix S Power Cable, upgraded to give better performance and fitted with Reference Rhodium-plated cryogenically treated plugs. Additional shielding fitted and, I will say, the cable certainly offers better transparency in the music. Also, the cable has an additional layer of antistatic isolation shielding, offering more excellent external protection. As a result, the music has a more solid feel, and the detail and micro details are perfect. 

Cable construction

Matrix S upgradeThe Matrix power cable, fitted with the latest Industrial grade Rhodium plugs. Offer the solution for perfect contact. And provide a secure, uninterrupted connection. The pins are made for EU standards and meet all industrial tamper-proof specifications. The power plug’s positive power side is coloured red marked with a red tag (for easier installation) and safety. And, before connecting use an electricians testing screwdriver for polarity and phase. And is a crucial test.

Computer Test

Audiophile cable listening

The Matrix power cable, tested on a High-end computer built by a professional living in Vilnius, Lithuania. So, naturally, the designer was interested to hear how the addition of a power cable could improve the computer sound. But, the Owner was sceptical at first and also intrigued. And, as the computer has excellent specs (see below) was perfect for testing.

Computer type

MB – ASUS Z390-i, CPU – i9-9900K, GPU – integrated to the processor UHD Graphics 630, Sound card – Creative Sound-blaster AE-9, RAM – 2x32GB HyperX Predator, SSD – Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB, Cooling – Noctua NH-D15, PSU – Corsair SF750 (platinum cert).


The Matrix S Power Cable provides a blacker background with an increased dynamic range. Also, improved bass response. The sound stage is vast, with imaging and focus razor-sharp. Also, the music becomes transparent, presenting greater detail and depth to the presentation. And, there is no bloom or boom. The bass is tight and lively, and the detail and micro details are incredible. The Matrix performance a step further, giving more solidarity and dynamics to the music.

1.5 Meter ‘S’ EU/US power cable 597 Euros

2.0 Meter ‘S’ EU/US power cable 697 Euros

3.0 Meter ‘S’ EU/US power cable 797 Euros

4.0 Meter ‘S’ EU/US power cable 997 Euros

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