Reference speaker cable

The Reference speaker cable is undoubtedly a cable that Reference speaker cableI am very proud to introduce into the market place. Designed by a team of professionals to provide the ultimate listening experience.

The Reference speaker cable will satisfy the needs of the most decerning audiophile. And, easily configured using ‘point to point’ technique. 


The Reference speaker cable is of a unique design. Every conductor has a diameter of 2.97 mm2 and arranged in double symmetry, each with 37 concentrically stranded wires. If you require a stereo cable, then two full-length conductors are used. If you want a Bi-wired cable, then four conductors are used. If you need a Tri-wire cable, then six conductors are used. One of the features is the Helix winding, which provides 1.2 meters in length for every meter of actual measurement.

Rhodium connectersThe Reference speaker cable supplied in three-meter or five-meter lengths. And will bring you the best listening experience you have heard at this price point. The cable is well constructed, easy to move, and comes with a color-coded choice of banana or spade connections. Termination can be either two, four, or six pairs because it depends on your system.

The connection for speaker cables, using BFA bananas, meets the strict requirements of the BFA standard (British Federation of Audio). The cable receptacle and the plug are constructed in one piece so that contact resistance avoided. The surface coating of rhodium is exceptionally durable. And, designed to give a perfect performance for the life of the cable.

Reference ‘Separate’

Reference separatesThe Reference ‘Separate’ is where two separate lengths of cable feed each speaker—one for the positive and one for the negative connection. And, configured for single-wire or Bi-wire connections.

The performance increase obtained from the Reference ‘Separate’ must be listened to believe. And for the best audio presentation, it is the only way to go. The picture shows two cables required for ONE speaker having either single or Bi-wire connection. The Rhodium plated contacts can be either spade, banana, or combination of both.


Anti-static padsWe are all aware of static, primarily in terms of the surface effects of static build-up on audio cable performance. The Reference speaker cables are fitted with Anti-static pads to prevent static build-up. And, I recommend the application of anti-static fluid (bottle supplied) sprayed over the surface of the speaker cables. And, will disperse existing static charge as well as inhibit future accumulation.  After the application, let it dry naturally. And, you will be amazed at the sonic improvements obtained.

Protection case

Thermaflex tubesI have focused on critical factors that are crucial for developing an excellent Power cable. And, also offering the perfect solution for the protection of all your audio cables. Power, Interconnect, Loudspeaker, and Digital.

Impact-resistant (fully lined) aluminium flight case with a set of case keys. A bottle of Anti-static spray, Twelve Thermaflex Anti-vibration tubes. And, the audio cable test certificate (Which, is signed, dated, and carries the cable identification number). The cable certificate is essential to keep for when you want to upgrade your cables. 


Anti-static padsThe performance of the Reference speaker cable is outstanding. And, the biggest impression is the vast width and depth of sound that appears. The sounds experienced have Knife-edge clarity,  total transparency, and perfect instrument positioning. And, the dynamic slam of the percussion as micro details fly through the air is something rarely heard. 

The musical experience has reached entirely new levels of energy, excitement, and passion. You will hear and feel sensations of pleasure, emotion, and shock as the cables reveal even more of the construction of the performance.

  • Cable size: 14 mm and 18 mm 
  • Conductor: 2, 4 or 6 x 2.97 mm2
  • High purity OFC 
  • Resistance: 0.0057 Ohm/meter
  • Capacitance: 96.0 Pf/meter
  • Inductance: 0.27 uH
  • Connector: Banana/ Spade (Rhodium plated)
  • Construction: Double Symmetrical – Helix
  • Low-loss PTFE  Insulation x 2 per cable
  • Additional support elements made of PE x 2 per cable
  • Low induction for homogeneous high-frequency reproduction
  • Primary and Secondary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP
  • Outer sheath: Twin layers CanuFlex PE-HB
  • Anti-static pads (ATS) fitted (2 – 4 per cable)
  • ThermaFlex insulation (930 mm per cable)

2 x 3.0 Meter (banana/spade connection) 2497 Euros

2 x 3.0 Meter Bi-wired (banana/spade connection) 2997 Euros

2 x 3.0 Meter Tri-wired (banana/spade connection) 3297 Euros

2 x 3.0 Meter ‘Separate‘ (banana/spade connection) 3497 Euros

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