The Matrix amplifier cable

Best budget audiophile cables 2022The Matrix amplifier cable (introduced in Sept 2022) employs a great design, allowing you to enjoy your music as intended. Audiophiles are passionate about music and want to listen as if being played at a live performance. And amplifier cable is perfect for every component but ideally suited to your power amplifier. Also critical to understand how an abundance of power is essential when it comes to audio. Also, how power delivered will allow your amplifier to operate at maximum efficiency, giving maximum performance. 

Matrix amplifier construction

Matrix amplifier cableThe Matrix amplifier cable has five separate conductors: 2 x 12 AWG are covered in a black PolyCast dielectric (26 strand x 0.25 mm ‘tinned’ copper conductors). Also, 2 x 12 AWG OFC conductors, And 1 x 16AWG (solid copper) conductor included for earthing. Also, one of the best-known insulators in the world is Air. And Perkune has been able to increase the amount of Air inside the Matrix amplifier cable using a 15.0 mm AirTube.

The AirTube is sealed after the conductors are added. Also, the conductors are resting in a tube filled with Air. And as a result, the conductors are immune from vibrations and external interference. Also, the cable is a pleasure to work with when connecting components. And is one of the most flexible cables produced anywhere in the industry,


  • Cable size: 18.0 mm
  • Conductors: 4  x 12 AWG
  • Earthing: 1 x 16 AWG (solid copper)
  • High purity OFC 99.9999% 
  • Additional element: Ferrite ring
  • Resistance: 0.0012 Ohms/meter
  • Capacitance: 80 pF/meter
  • Inductance: 0.0270 uH/meter
  • Insulation: PTFE/ PVC /Fleece 
  • Shielding: Aluminum foil 100%
  • Voltage: 600 volts, 35 Amps
  • Plugs: Rhodium plated pins

2.0 Meter amplifier cable 99Euros

3.0 Meter Amplifier cable 1297 Euros

4.0 Meter Amplifier cable 1597 Euros


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