Reference interconnect

Reference performanceThe Reference Interconnect – And introduced December 2022. Designed to complement the range. And is indeed a huge step up, offering improvement in signal quality and transmission. The performance of the cable offers an experience which is quite up-lifting. And can only describe   the performance as ‘Breath taking’. Also, the music likened to a winter’s day at – 32 deg C. With clear blue skies and sun warm on your face. But when you breathe, you can feel that feeling of clarity as the cold flows into your senses. 

Reference Interconnect

Reference XLR

Reference pro interconnect cables

The cables, assembled using Perkune dual ‘AirGap’ isolation and external Anti-static isolation material can be with either RCA or XLR connections. Also, fitted with Rhodium-plated/Carbon fibre professional locking connections, allowing perfect signal integrity. Also added, PTFE shielding to inhibit micro-vibration and electrical interference. And as a result, the Reference PRO interconnect cable, is designed with true audiophiles in mind.

Reference RCA 

The Matrix reference Pro RCA cable

The Reference PRO interconnect brings your music to a new level and can be likened to removing the cotton wool from your ears. And a real experience to comprehend! Also, a larger Sound-stage with greater depth and width, and image positioning razor-sharp and spot-on. Also, you become aware of even more detail and micro-details. Bringing higher levels of excitement and involvement to your overall listening experience. And cables are light and easy threading, through those awkward places. So you have the perfect pair of internet cables.

  • The Cable size: 11.0 mm
  • Conductors: Single core, High-purity 0.99997 OFC 
  • The conductor Size: 17 AWG
  • Connections: Locking – Rhodium/Carbon fibre
  • Resistance: 0.004 Ohm/meter
  • Capacitance: 47pF/meter
  • Inductance: 0.19 uH
  • Shielding: Aluminium foil/ Braided layers
  • Insulation: PVC/PTFE
  • Low-loss PE with PVC Jacket
  • Antistatic static pads x 2

1 Meter – RCA /XLR connection 1197 Euros

2 Meter – RCA/XLR connection 1497 Euros


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