Thunderbolt 2

Apple Thunderbolt cable upgradeThe Thunderbolt 2 interconnect can be used for a wide range of components. Apple products, or any items which have a Thunderbolt 2 connection. Thunderbolt is an interconnect technology developed by Intel in cooperation with Apple. And, Thunderbolt combines PCI Express and DisplayPort into a single bond, allowing for a combination of up to six peripherals. You can use storage devices and monitors to be daisy-chained together. And, you can also connect USB and FireWire peripherals via Thunderbolt. Providing, you have the proper adapter. But, the connections won’t run any faster just because they’re on a Thunderbolt connection.

Thunderbolt 2

Mini-display portThunderbolt 2 interconnect made to the same high standards as all Perkune audiophile cables. And, exceptional detail paid to cable shielding for better protection when made in longer cable lengths. Gold plated connections for enhanced signal transmission. And, connections used allow resolution of 5120×2880@60Hz, making for optimal performance.


To reduce noise with the Thunderbolt 2 interconnect, and protect the signal path from any external interference, Perkune employs a second and third layer of shielding. And, as with all Perkune products, the Thunderbolt 2 interconnect is handmade. We are ensuring a high level of production quality and extreme precision necessary. 


The Thunderbolt 2 interconnect, has a max throughput of 20 Gbps. And, the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 has a maximum throughput of 5 Gbps. Thunderbolt 2 up to four times as fast as USB 3.0. And, recently, the USB Promoters Association announced the USB 3.1 spec, which allows USB to transfer up to 10 Gbps. USB 3.1 is still a while away from shipping, though. Also, while USB hubs are standard, USB devices (like printers and hard drives) don’t generally have USB output ports to enable daisy-chaining, which is a crucial feature of Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt 2 – 4K video

4K video (a video format that has four times the resolution as 1080p and is gaining popularity with video professionals) requires more bandwidth than the original Thunderbolt can accommodate. And, Thunderbolt 2 will be able to stream that 4K video and write it to disk at the same time.

  • Cable length 2.0 Meter
  • Cable diameter: 9.0 mm
  • Conductors: OFC high purity
  • Connections: Gold plated
  • Connections: Mini DisplayPort Male
  • Transfer quality: DisplayPort v1.3
  • Resolution: 5120×2880 @60Hz
  • Sheath (AirGap): DERAY-PBFSP
  • Insulation: Vinyl/ Tape
  • Secondary Insulation: PTFE/Vinyl/Teflon
  • Inner sheath: PVC
  • Outer sheath: Canflux

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2.0 Meter  197 Euros

3.0 Meter  297 Euros

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