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Matrix S RCA interconnect

Matrix S RCA interconnectThe Matrix S RCA Interconnect is a step from the Matrix interconnect cable, offering superior dynamic performance. The line, designed to match perfectly with the Matrix S loudspeaker cable and Matrix S power cable. And you are working in harmony with your system and listening to more dynamics and detail than ever before. The bar raised yet again!

Matrix S

Matrix S RCA interconnectThe Matrix S interconnect cable, assembled using dual ‘AirGap’ isolation and three-level external Anti-static isolation material. ‘NextGen’ 24K gold plated connections, allowing for perfect signal transmission and connection. Also added are PTFE and PVC compounds to inhibit micro-vibration and electrical interference. And, after construction, the cables pass through a three-day process designed to ‘break’ or burn in the Matrix S interconnect.

Cable Static 

Matrix S RCA interconnectThe Matrix S Interconnect Cable, fitted with full-length Anti-static material, reduces static charge and buildup. Also, Static is a killer when it comes to audio. And the effect it has on audio performance. Anti-static fluid sprayed over the audio cable and audio equipment will disperse an existing static charge. As well, inhibit future accumulation. And, the effects are easily heard, with a dramatic increase in performance.


Matrix S performanceThe Matrix S Interconnect Cable performance reaches new levels of performance. And offers a larger Sound-stage, greater depth and solidarity become apparent. And image positioning is razor-sharp with total transparency. As a result, you are aware of more detail and micro details. And, as a result, bringing an even higher level of excitement to your listening experience!

The Matrix S Interconnect cable sound is unique. Deep rich bass, warm and full middle range with outstanding high frequencies. And, yet again, the bar raised. And the Matrix RCA interconnect in a class of its own and must be auditioned.

Technical Data
  • The Cable size: 12.0 mm
  • Cable length: 1 – 2 Meters
  • Conductors: Single core, High-purity 0.9997 OFC 
  • The conductor size: 17 AWG
  • Resistance: 0.19 Ohm/meter
  • Capacitance: 57pF/meter
  • Impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Shielding: Aluminium foil/ Braided layers
  • Insulation: PVC/PTFE/ Felt Compound
  • Low-loss PE with PVC Jacket
  • Outer sheath:  PTFE
  • Antistatic static compound tripple layer

2 x 1.0 Meter – RCA/RCA connection 547 Euros

1.5 Meter – RCA/RCA connection 647 Euros

2 x 2.0 Meter – RCA/RCA connection 747 Euros


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