Audiophile USB Cable

Audiophile USB cableThe Ultimate Audiophile USB Gold offers a superior level of performance. And, to reduce noise, and protect the USB signal path from external interference, Aluminium foil is used. Three-level ‘AirGap’ (Tip to Tip) isolation and ‘Airtube’ suspension is used to reduce external interference. The audiophile USB cable is a great introduction!


As with all Perkune cables, the Audiophile USB 3.0 Gold is handmade. Which, ensures, a high level of quality. And, must be noted, extreme precision is necessary for manufacturing this cable. The Ultimate Audiophile USB 3.0 Gold is terminated with ‘Superspeed’ type A and ‘Superspeed’ type B connectors. And, supplied in a three-meter length. But, can be configured to your requirements.


Good quality cables are essential to achieve optimum performance. Which, is made, by overcoming Jitters and timing errors. When looking for components to give the best signal transmission, timing errors must remove. Imagine, dropping a stone into the middle of a pond of water. And, ripples have the same effect as jitters. Cable Jitter is the name given to timing errors. One of the causes of these errors can be an inferior cable because cables must be correctly made and free of impurities.


An audio system, can only as good as the weakest link. And, because of this, there are continuous discussions about cables. And, is a topic that will never end because some people hear differences. Other people are unable to hear any difference at all, which is mainly due to hearing problems and personal sensitivity. 


Most importantly, there is a saying  “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. I am not saying that we are going to eat cables, far from it. But, the saying is relevant to Perkune audiophile cable. As a result, the cables I produce have a very high level of performance. And, do, sound as good as cables costing five times the price. To, which, many customers will testify! 

  • Cable diameter: 12.0 mm
  • Conductors: 28 AWG
  • OFC high purity
  • Gold plated connections
  • Connections: Type  A and Type B
  • Braided shielding
  • Insulation: Compact PE
  • Secondary sheath (AirGap): DERAY-PBFSP
  • Secondary Insulation: Teflon, 2.0 mm 
  • Secondary: Insulation: Vinyl tape
  • Secondary:  Aluminium foil
  • Outer sheath Canflux

Customer testimonies


2.0 Meter USB  297 Euros

3.0 Meter USB 397 Euros

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