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Reference ‘PRO’ 

reference PRO

The Audiophile Reference ‘PRO’ loudspeaker cable is the result of months of testing. And we were working with materials recently introduced into the marketplace. 

The Rhodium connections are the newly introduced ‘needle point’ banana and allow for a better contact area than ever thought possible. The sound is simply stunning, and we can hear so much more information from the music. And can be referred to as an audiophile’s dream come true. Also, you will never want to change your speaker cables again!

2 x 3.0 meter – Reference PRO 2997 Euros

3.0 meter – Reference PRO BIwire 3997 Euros

The loudspeaker cable lengthThe Audiophile ‘PRO’ loudspeaker cable is something special and only made in a three-meter length. The cable, manufactured in such a way the internal conductors are entirely independent of each other. And every conductor has its special shielding.

Two sets run inside a single sheath for bi-wired operations, which is then shielded and covered with outer protection. As a result, the cables are flexible and easy to use. And can also be used for Bi-amp if desired because they are three meters in each run.

Reference Rhodium

Audiophile ReferenceThe Audiophile Reference 2 rhodium speaker cable is now available. And, what a fantastic speaker cable—giving so much more to your music. The cable, although being 18.0 mm, is still flexible and easy to use. And the line looks good; feels great. Which, allows you a feeling of complete involvement in your music as you relax and get drawn deeper into your world. Good sound experiences captivate, give you goosebumps or move you to tears. But only cables perfected down to the last detail can transport this sensual pleasure. And at Perkune audiophile cables, we help perfect signal transmission to convey the most delicate nuances that appeal to all senses. The ultimate proof for this is the Reference 2 speaker cable, made to bring out the very best of your music. 

2 x 3.0 meter – Reference 2 standard 2497 Euros

3.0 meter – Reference 2 Bi-wire 3497 Euros

Reference Gold 

Reference Bi-wire cableThe Audiophile Reference loudspeaker 2 cables are undoubtedly a series of speaker cables that I am very proud to introduce into the market place. Designed by a team of professionals to provide the ultimate listening experience possible. The Reference speaker cables will satisfy the needs of the most discerning audiophile. And, easily configured into your system using ‘point to point’ technique. The Reference speaker cable is of a unique design. Every conductor has a diameter of 2.97 mm2 and is arranged in double symmetry, each with 37 concentrically stranded wires. If you require a stereo cable, then two full-length conductors are used. If you want a Bi-wired line, then four conductors are used. If you need a Tri-wire cable, then six conductors are used. One of the features is the Helix winding, which provides 1.2 meters in length for every meter of actual measurement.

2 x 3.0 meter – banana connection 1497 Euros

3.0 meter – Rhodium 2497 Euros

Reference  Singles

Reference separatesThe Audiophile Reference 2 loudspeaker ‘Singles’ cables, supplied in three-meter lengths. And will bring you the best listening experience you have heard at this price point. The line is well constructed, easy to move, and comes with a colour-coded choice of banana or spade connections. Termination can be either two, four, or six pairs because it depends on your system. The contact for speaker cables, using BFA bananas, meets the strict requirements of the BFA standard (British Federation of Audio). The cable receptacle and the plug are constructed in one piece so that contact resistance avoided. The surface coating of rhodium is exceptionally durable. And, designed to give a perfect performance for the life of the cable. The Reference ‘Separate’ is where two separate lengths of cable feed each speaker—one for the positive and one for the negative connection. And, configured for single-wire or Bi-wire connections.

4 x 3.0 meter – Singles 3497 Euros

Reference  Bi-wire

Reference Bi-wire specialThe Reference 2 is a complete Bi-wired cable, with four full-lengths of cables. And designed primarily to be used with ‘Hi-end’ amplifiers. The audio cable consists of eight conductors made of 4N copper (99,9999% purity). The 256 copper micro conductors (32×8) and a multi-wire screen, protected with tin alloy, which inhibits copper oxidation and improves installation properties. The cable is screened in a Double Screening System: aluminium foil (100% coverage) and a multi-wire braid (70% coverage). The conductors also covered with PTFE and PVC, together with Canuflux, offers a two-fold outer AirGap insulation. As a dielectric, PVC foam injected at high-pressure, providing exceptional anti-vibration protection. Thanks to advanced isolation and textile fibres, the cable is flexible despite its sizeable outer diameter. The Reference ‘special’ loudspeaker cable provides you with a live presentation and must for tube amplifiers.


The performance of the Reference 2 Bi-wire speaker cable is outstanding. And the sounds experienced have Knife-edge clarity, transparency, and perfect instrument positioning. Also, the dynamic slam of the percussion as micro details fly through the air is something rarely heard. The musical experience has reached entirely new levels of energy, excitement, and passion. You will listen to and feel sensations of pleasure, emotion, and shock as the cables reveal even more of the construction of the performance.

  • Cable sizes: 18 – 20 mm 
  • Conductors: 4 x 2.97 mm2 
  • High purity OFC 99.9999%
  • Resistance: 0.0057 Ohm/meter
  • Capacitance: 0.960 Pf/meter
  • Inductance: 0.0270 uH/meter
  • Connectors: Banana/ Spade
  • Construction: Double Symmetrical – Helix
  • Low-loss PTFE and PVC Insulation 
  • Additional support elements  PE 
  • Primary and Secondary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP
  • Anti-static pads: Two per cable.

2  x  3.0  meter – banana 1997  Euros

3.0 meter – Rhodium 2997 Euros

2 x 3.0 meter – Tri-wire 3297 Euros

4 x 3.0 meter – Separate 3497 Euros

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