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The HDMI cables AirDream S Audiophile cableThe HDMI cables were introduced over the past two years and aimed at helping the end- user get the best picture and audio possible from their existing audio system. And, the Perkune HDMI cables are considered to be amongst the best audiophile cables online. I always enjoy the comments and email received from satisfied customers and some comments can be quite revealing.

Cable length

The longer an HDMI cable is, and the higher the data rate to be carried (e.g. 4k; UHD), the more errors are caused by the HDMI cable. Therefore, especially with longer HDMI cables, it is important to pay attention to quality (cross-section, conductor material, shielding etc.).


The constantly growing range of Ultra-HD TVs and monitors poses not just the question of the right content, but also the right connection. Full HD has been part of the mainstream for some time, but now Ultra HD is conquering the current market landscape with an even better format (four times the resolution of Full HD). Excellent – because for the best image you simply can’t have enough pixels. But how does this affect the connections between the new components? 

he HDMI organisation has released a new HDMI 2.0b standard. The main difference is that the new standard supports the HDR (High Dynamic Range) format. HDR improves the contrast ratio because the source sends additional information (metadata) to the television – information that regulates the television’s backlight. The source and TV must of course also support HDR. It also supports dynamic synchronization between video and audio streams. This new standard does not require a new cable type! That means that high-speed HDMI cables with Ethernet are still suitable. There are also no resulting changes to the categories of these cables.


The HDMI specifications of the HDMI organisation essentially differentiate between two versions: Standard and High Speed or Standard with Ethernet and High Speed with Ethernet. The High Speed versions allow for a higher data rate, which is especially necessary for 4K formats. The Standard version is thus a non-starter for the transfer of 4K formats on the basis of its limited data rate. In addition, it is important to watch out for differences in cable quality as relates to manufacturing, material and shielding.

Potential pixel errors notwithstanding, basic wiring may work for shorter cable lengths. But the difference will certainly become apparent in the case of longer transfer distances. A build-up of pixel errors results in image interference and picture loss. There may even be no connection to begin with. The key to a good cable is proper shielding and a sufficiently thick copper signal line, not basic copper-plated aluminium wiring. This allows for an adherence to the impedances of the data cables and ensures flawless manufacturing in the connectors.

At Perkune audiophile cable we are constantly improving all our cables and as technology changes we too will change, And, bring you the latest and best value for money audio cable.

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