The Matrix reference

Matrix Reference PRO speakerThe Matrix reference speaker cable is one of the best sounding cable made. And added to Perkune range of cables in February 2022. Also, I have to say what a fantastic cable it is. And brings your listening experience to an even higher level. The cable resulted from months of testing different materials. And this particular cable emerged from the depths of Europe.

The Matrix reference

Also, I was able to convince the company to allow its use. And as a result, Perkune audiophile cables was excited to introduce the cable into the market place. The Matrix Reference speaker cable, tested in a High-end audio system, exhibits extremely vivid tone colour and balance. Also, the speaker cable allows superb dynamic response and melodic sophistication, harmonic complexity, and fantastic image presence. And with an excellent portrayal of the soundstage is heard as breathtakingly musical.

Matrix construction

Matrix Reference connections

The Matrix Reference speaker cable has four separate conductors and includes a black PolyCast dielectric around each. And every conductor contains 26-strand, 0.25 mm tinned OFC copper. Also, the Matrix Reference speaker cable is of lightweight construction and certainly is a pleasure to use. And the conductors fitted are HD Rhodium plated and use the squeeze fit technique. Also, can be easily adjusted to fit any receptacle. In addition, the Matrix Reference speaker cable is supplied with the ‘needle point’ Rhodium connections as an option if required.

  • Cable Dia: 12.0 mm 
  • Length:  2, 2.5 and 3 Meters
  • Construction: 2 x twisted paIrs
  • Conductors: 4 x 16 AWG (26 strand x 0.25 mm)
  • PolyCast dialectic for each conductor
  • Resistance: 0.0017 Ohms/meter
  • Capacitance: 87 pF/meter
  • Insulation: PTFE/ Anti-static compound
  • Second level shielding: PVC/Thermaflex
  • Static protection: Anti-static pads x 2

2.0 meter – Matrix Reference 1297 Euros

3.0 meter – Matrix Reference 1497 Euros


The cable, can also be made in a Bi-wire configuration. And price of the configuration is an additional 770 Euros.

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