Powerhead cables

InterconnectThe Powerhead cables are the best way to connect your amplifier to the loudspeaker cabinet. And, by using the Perkune Powerhead cables, you will hear how your system is performing. A new level of power and energy becomes apparent, and you will hear more detail and clarity in your music. The Powerhead cables are supplied in any length you require and with any connection. 

Powerhead cables

The calibre of the Cable directly determines the quality of music generated from any device. And, the Powerhead cable offers many of the same technological advantages as the Guitar power cable. The advanced ‘AirGap’ technologies ensure low dielectric properties and provide extensive bandwidth and impeccable signal integrity.


Powerhead cableThe Cable is available in multiple lengths and straight and right-angled phono connectors to meet your system’s specific cabling needs. You can use pedals, from the pedal to the amp, amp to amp or amp to the instrument. The Powerhead Cable will bring clarity, life and dimension to the music you make, which allows you more fantastic inspiration. 


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In perfect conditions, conductors suspended in air (the best-known dielectric). But, In a real-world application, however, this is unrealistic. Perkune’s ‘AirGap’ technology solution combines the transmission speed of an air dielectric with the flexibility needed in audio cables. By using this technology, the result is a far better signal without the clutter of interference. The ‘AirGap’ reduces the insulation contact by 90% and guarantees the low capacitance, resistance and inductance needed to transmit audio signals with virtually no information loss.


To protect your Cable, I have focused on critical factors for developing an excellent Powerhead cable. And offering the perfect solution for the protection of your cables. Supplied is a case. Your case contains;  Anti-static spray. And a cable test certificate (Which is signed, dated, and carries the cable identification number). You are now able to take many cables and even a two-meter power cable to your event!

  • Cable diameter: 10.0 
  • Cable type: Noiseless. 
  • Conductors: 3 x 0.35 mm. Plated OFC 99.99 comprising 22 x 0.2 mm strands.
  • Resistance: 0.060 Ohms/meter. 
  • Capacitance: 55 pF/meter.
  • Insulation: Compact PE
  • Copper braided shield giving 100% coverage. 
  • Primary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP. 
  • Secondary: DERAY-PBFSP.
  • Insulation: PTFE/PVE/Foil
  • Outer sheath: CanuFlex PB-HB.
  • Anti-static pads x 2

Two meter ‘Standard’ Powerhead cable 347 Euros

One meter ‘Standard’ Powerhead cable 297 Euros

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