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Hello Paul and these are my Loudspeaker cable results. Deploying the Matrix Loudspeaker Cable in the end took around 4 hours from start to finish and boy was it worth it. With the new cables in place everything appeared to be better with greater clarity and a larger 3 dimensional sound stage. My musical tastes are very varied with most music genres covered in my collection. Everything I’ve tried so far has sounded better. My system was already very revealing but the addition of the new cables has resulted in some previously unheard components appearing in very familiar tracks so much so that I’ve been going through my collection and trying music I’ve not listened to for a while in order to see if I’ve been missing something from my previous listening experiences.

And so far, it’s been a very enjoyable upgrade. I’ve been concentrating on streaming so far as the
Roon playback from my Library hosted on a QNAP TS-473A NAS (optimised for roon), Qobuz and TIDAL using Devialet AIR direct to my Devialet expert 440 pro (dual mono Devialet expert 220 pro) connected via the Matrix Loudspeaker cables to a pair of Audiovector SR6 Avantgarde Arrrete Loudspeakers. Next steps are: Try SACD and CD playback from my McIntosh MCD600 and Try some of my LPs using my custom Clarity 09 TT with Rega RB1000, Apheta cartridge and IOS phono stage. And will let you know my results – Gary, UK


Hi Paul and have just finished hooking up my Matrix loudspeaker cables to my Beethoven Grande reference speakers. And I can hear a difference straight away. The look and feel of the speaker cables are just the best I have ever experienced. Also, they are light and easy to move. And now have to let them settle in for some hours before critical listening. After three days, the Matrix loudspeaker cables bring more body and weight to the music. Furthermore, these cables are capable of more tonal extension. Also, they open up the soundstage. Allowing great separation of components, with the fluidity of rhythm and bass, is just SO spot on! And you know it when you can’t stop toe-tapping to the music. Again, I’m just blown away!

The massive musical impression one gets with these cables is the best I have ever heard. And another trait of the cables is the authenticity of hearing instrumental music. The deep level of details is not just incredible, but the flow of it all makes it downright enthralling to listen to. And what fun to experience all this with your favourite music. And It’s like it opens a whole new world! Vocals sing to you with unique authority and confidence! And this is how high-fidelity music should sound. Micro details where you didn’t expect to hear them bring the experience up another level. And the most fun and exciting listening experience I can ever recall having. To be able to make my sound system come alive like this is unquestionably the talent of you, Paul and your Perkune cables – Eirik Rouppert, Bergan, Norway 


These are the second speaker cables we have bought from you and this time it was your Matrix 2.5 meter – banana connection combined with your Matrix interconnects. Wow is an understatement, we have just bought a new hifi system of Dali Rubicon 6 speakers and a Hegel H90 and and a Arcam CDS50 CD/SACD Player. After a few weeks they sounded much better as per Paul’s recommendation. The interconnects sound better than the Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects we had already bought, well worth the extra costs. As Paul says these will be the last cables you will need to buy, so Brother Pal, keep up the great work, a very happy, Joe from Timmins, Australia.


Hi Paul. I am astounded by the sound of your Silver speaker cables. Used in conjunction with the addition of the new reference slimline power cord hooked up to my Audiolab transport they seem to have all the qualities of my Air Dream speaker cables but with slightly more transparency and a little more sparkle in the smooth extended high frequencies. Don’t know how you do it in a budget cable. It is almost like you slipped in an upgrade and didn’t tell me. I can see why you were anxious for me to install them in my system.

So I placed the speaker cables in my main system which is comprised of Harbeth p3esr speakers wired up with the latest version of morrow sp4 speaker cables which retail for around $400 US. As the Harbeth speakers have only a single set of posts I had to tape off one positive and one negative banana from each channel with masking tape. Nevertheless, the sound was spectacular and superior to the tonal balance & soundstage of the Morrow cables right from the get-go. I don’t think there are any speaker cables on the market which offer better sound for the money than those offered by Perkune audiophile cables, and I am confident I made a wise purchase thank – Wayne, Canada

Hey Paul, I’m just going to start by saying I’m amazed by the level of audio quality that I have experienced today! With the new Reference “separate” speaker cables, the music is more Alive than ever! Every instrument you hear has this aliveness on its own! Making the music much more enjoyable and engaging in listening to it! The Clarity is phenomenal, without losing any of the emotional impacts of the music! The soundstage is vast, but now with an incredible depth to it. And, ensures you get a more 3D effect with astonishing transparency. And, you are right there on the first row at  ‘the Concert.’
Not only that but together with the fantastic amount of details and dynamical information, it sounds like there is more of music there than I have ever heard! The sound is so organic, your notice the whole body flows with any or all rhythmically beats the music throws at you and also applies to the vocals! Best from – Eirgile
Good morning Paul, And got a good chance to sit down and do more listening to the Reference speaker cables. I continue to be overwhelmed with how much more things are opening up.  There is just so much more detail with a soundstage that has broadened as I have never experienced before!  The remarkable thing is the placement of the instruments within the soundstage and the clarity of the vocals being front and centre.  Everything is much more pronounced and accurate but what I notice the most are the ‘Mids’ and ‘Highs’. They are more revealing and have come to life. Again….. simply AMAZING!  Regards Rolph.
Paul had highlighted key differentiating aspects like the use of four internal conductors, and the fact that the conductors are helical wound. My current speaker cables are the Audioquest Rocket 44 and the DH Labs Q-10 Signature, which I use on my Klipsch Heritage speakers.
I decided on two specific tracks CD’s on my Yamaha S2100SL player, Does Anybody Know What Time It Is? from the 50th year Remix issue album of Chicago Transit Authority’s first album. And, the title track from John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers’ A Hard Road from 1967.
I changed the Rocket cable to the Perkune Supreme speaker cables, sat back, and my head perked up a bit. So exciting! Far from the euphonious soup of melody and vocals, we tend to embrace and accept. Suddenly, I realised how much more depth and to focus there was to the soundscape, individual instruments’ and the singer’s positions on stage. There was more distinctiveness among different performers, and overall the overall presentation was more luxurious, more significant, spatially more profound, fuller….far more real and intimate.
I loved the natural tone that the increased level of information and ambience in the bass enabled. And, quite a surprise, Paul. I agree with you, the Supreme speaker cables are so very distinctive, over other more expensive offerings. Bravo! Best Regards, Anil George – Managing Editor T3
The US
Hi, Paul and Supreme speaker cable bi-wire report as follows –
Extremely neutral, does not prefer bottom nor top over each other and will play whatever complication that is thrown at it, separation of instrumentals are excellent, along with speed, detail and dynamics. This one I will not be parting with anytime soon as it took far too long to find a cable to work in my system. I feel the cable is not a restriction in my order any more as my previous types of audio cables had been – Scott

Hi Paul, I write this as I am listening to these new Perkune Extreme Gold cables for the first time. All I can say is that I am astounded! I am playing a Frank Sinatra album, Frank, Frank and Nancy that I know very well and I can’t believe the spectacular sound stage being presented well beyond my previous Perkune Elite Cables and they are magnificent! I hear more detail than I have ever heard before! The transparency is impressive; these cables have opened the signal path between my amp and speakers to a whole new level. I am now playing a Chris Isaac album which tends to portray a lot of basslines; the bass is crisp, controlled and detailed allowing the vocals so well presented above the bass lines as never experienced before. Bill Long Nelson B.C.

Hello Paul – The new 4-meter bi-wire showed up last night – had a brief chance to listen to them. Initial impressions are good – highs are much smoother than the Tributaries, midrange more natural, haven’t listened to anything with enough deep bass to tell yet but is steadily improving. Most noticeable everything is more unified now instead of highs, mids, and lows separately from each other as with the old cables. The sound-stage is much more in-depth. Thanks,- Nick

Hi Paul, I had an excellent listening session with my youngest daughter Danica and her boyfriend,  Eric, who are both musical.  Eric plays in a successful band that performed a house concert here in the spring and Danica is a jazz pianist and sings.  With the upgrades, I have made with your cables and the cartridge on my TT. Eric has done recording sessions in high-end studios and said that the sound from my system is right up there with the quality of playback sound he gets from the studio gear when they are recording.  Nice to get that input and both have an excellent critical ear when they are listening.  I think we sat there for 2 hours was impressive. Regards Peter.


Hi Paul, I use all Perkune cables in my system. And I’m in love with your new Airdream Copper! The sound is so beautiful and rich in details; I’m just stunned! The depth is incredible; you hear this landscape of sounds in the background in some of the songs that’s baffles me. The tones are pure and soft and SO CLEAR at the same time that you “feel” the music!! So my hats off to you, Paul! You have created something beautiful and magical here. All the music that I play has this soft and velvet-like quality that”s fantastic listening too!! The Vocals are more “authentic” and “believable” and bring you closer to the performer than ever before. The beats have now a great rhythm and flow to it! Together with the high quality of details and all attributes. What joy and thank you – Josh.

Hi Paul, Just did a test of the ultimate range HDMI. At the start of the movie, I watch 15 min, three times before switching to the new cable. Now I know the colours and picture quality. The new cable is much better the stock one I used before. The colours are more saturated and look better. The white glow in the movie is brighter. The picture quality is smoother and Less noise or artefacts. As a watch the movie now, I noticed how good the sound is. Thanks to the upgraded speaker cables and RCA. The music is so vibrant; the bass is so high quality, in-depth and soft—first time I see a movie after the new cables are in place. And what a treat it is. (can’t wait to hear what my friends will say, then they come and see and hear this, regards – Vens.

The USA 
Hi Paul, I am in LOVE with the new AirDream Copper cables. I have Sade Promise on the TT, lots of brass and percussion not to mention her voice! Honestly, I feel as if she is singing in the room, the speakers melt away, and all I am hearing is the transparency of the recording more lifelike than I have ever heard. And it is so engaging to hear all the components of the tracks musically from the ting of the cymbals the amazing alto sax! I Put Diana Krall album on the TT, All for you….her vocals come through with fantastic detail. 
Once again, the opened sound stage has me astounded! The balance between vocals and the accompanying piano, stand up bass, drums and guitar are superb like I have never heard before. I find myself re-engaged with my system with these cables, in a word or two merely amazing. I can’t recommend these cables enough for anyone in the market for upgrading their loudspeaker cables. Paul is a great fellow and a resource for getting the best from your system. Thanks –  Mike B.

Hello Paul, and this is just a quick word for me to say loving these new cables. I do not understand how that can sound so good and yet cost so little! What is the secret man I will be with you forever at this rate? The cable sound so sweet and cute fitted in the son’s music room in the basement – I thought I worked to start with this cable but in some ways prefer it to mine –  Your jumpers showed up last night and Initial impressions are very good. Highs are much smoother, Midrange more natural and Bass rocks, A big difference in everything man and so happy – Warmest regards Monty

Hi Paul – We have had some great reviews of the speaker cables by some top-end guys in the industry and now, (finally) Monte is ready to move forward. The next project is to finalise the power cable; then we do the same for interconnects. At your convenience, can you, please send six sets of interconnecting cable and start on its way to me here in the good old USA?. There is no hurry whenever you have the time. Let me know the price and I will PayPal the bucks to you, and hopefully, it will be OK (It shouldn’t, but you never know with PayPal). Looking forward to getting things going regards – David

New Zealand 

Started with the Elite speaker cables, and they lifted the quality of sound like nothing else. On the success of the wires, we then got the interconnects and we couldn’t believe the difference they made. On the strength of the successful purchases, we went for the new bi-wire connection which lifted the sound even higher, can’t thank Paul enough for his service and excellent advice. – Joe Timmins 

Hi Paul – WOW is an understatement I can hear the keystrokes from a Bach harpsichord cd I played first. You are amazing. I shall put a review on your website and will talk to you about your interconnects in the NY, and I can highly recommend them to all who appreciate the best sound.  Your friend in Sydney, Peter loudspeaker cable results

Hi Paul, Just the new Ultimate Gold speaker cables.  The sound has just opened up so much and filled the living room with the most transparent sound I ever heard!! The soundstage is Vast, and the depth is incredible. You can hear even more nuances in the vocals, so you feel the performer is closer somehow! The beats and flows are so intertwined it gives a whole new dimension to the music you are listening. But last night (now with my newest upgrade) we both were so delighted with the sweet sound and the music, it was magical I just felt so grateful, and I know I couldn’t have this excellent experience without your help.  Just had to tell you – Best from Edvin loudspeaker cable results
The UK
Hello Paul, I have just hooked up the three-meter ultimate Loudspeaker cable and right from the box the sound is more direct and even more focused. Details are even more prominent than before, making the sound and music so alive!! Wow! The dynamics increase so to make a 3d sound of the soundstage. The details in the bass now are just outstanding! Hearing everything and at the same time, understanding the whole soundstage in perfect harmony! The sound is so right now; it’s like I upgraded some source component!
Now I just listen to how the music conveyed! It’s the most beautiful sound that I have ever heard on my system!  Absolutely in love with this new sound, making all the music sound so amazingly kind and these are absolutely the best cables ever. I can’t believe how much the sound can improve, having superior quality cable. I will enjoy my music now like never before – thank you, Paul, so very much for all your help – Steven 

Hello Paul – Just connected the new Ultimate speaker cables and they sound amazing. The first thing that hit me is how natural it all seems, and that is only the beginning! The depth and width of the sound appear all around. The soundstage grows more p, prominent and the smooth deep bass melt’s in from the black background, and all of the Instruments in the music are very organic in the whole presentation. The rhythm is exact and unhindered. Meaning it just flows through the air, and every detail is coming forth to takes its place!  The micro-details are much better now, as you can hear they are fantastic – Jan


Hi Paul, Interesting about cable burning in and having the best cables, way back 40 years ago when I first heard this stuff I thought it was all Bollocks for the companies selling you on it. But since then I know so much, and a loudspeaker cable does sound better after a few days, and it does make a difference and thank you for an exceptional cable. And, I will order another three-meter loudspeaker cable from you at Christmas time OK – Lou.


Hello Paul, Got the speaker cables and my first impressions are very positive – more detail, more selectiveness, more space around instruments, better rendering of room acoustics, a more tangible positioning of devices on the soundstage. Everything seems to have calmed down, which is why details shine through more easily than before. Depth has emphasised a bit more profoundly as well. But let transmit some more current before I pass any definite judgment. Yet I am very positively surprised with the performance as of here & now. I’ll come back with more comments as all virtues unfold over the next days. – Best regards Tomas


Paul, All I can say would be Yahweh H. Buddha on a stick….if I thought my system was analytical and detailed before yesterday, I was wrong. Compared to now, it is like a different system altogether. Sound recordings make my skin crawl because they are so real, bad records are almost intolerable, they are that harsh. My Enya recordings that I am convinced never contained any frequency about 1.5 kHz are now so bright that they are quite edgy. Matapedia by Kate and Anna McGarrigle is now so open that it gave me goosebumps.

Just moving the TV back four inches opened up a world of detail that was not there before. I really would like to get rid of the A/V gear altogether, but it just is not possible right now, so I have to live with it, but that I can do. I attach photos of the after from my listening position, still cannot quite get the pans fully in the image, but you get the picture I think. Thanks for your help with that, it has made an enormous difference.”  THX David


Hi, Paul – after researching online I finally ordered a 3-meter Loudspeaker cable and must say that I couldn’t believe the difference. On my first listen, I immediately noticed how the soundstage had opened up. I could hear each instrument beautifully. The bass felt tight and precise. And, it was fun to understand how the difference was in comparison to digital vs analogue. The music sounded like it was slower but not precisely. It just took its time to convey the music. Like it was not in a hurry, but just relaxed. I concentrated on the musical aspects. Vinyl has its charm I must admit but sounded like it needed more clarity. I was amazed that by just changing the cables, I could hear such a big difference, great website, and support has opened my eyes: all the best, John – London UK.


Hi, Paul,  I was want to tell you my buddy, and I went to meet our friend. And, was the first time I was listening to vinyl, and the system was top notch! The speakers were the Anthony Gallo Reference 3.5, with 200 w SS-amp was from MBL. As this was the first time listening to his system and vinyl, we did a lot of looking to come to terms what the Vinyl did or did not do to the music and the technical aspects of it. Yes, it was cracking in the recordings (and that was fine) but the upper frequency, I noticed it sounded muddy.

The Analog LP player was top notch from a company I can’t remember just now,  but its price range was in the 6000 pounds class.”After we had listened, we switched the loudspeaker speaker cable from his black magic revelation to the Perkune four meter.  Perkune rules! Maybe it wasn’t enough time to do the speaker cable its justices,  but I know it can perform better. Further on, I had to show him my DAC (Ayre DSD) and what it could do with digital music. I used Perkune XLR, Perkune power cable, Perkune speaker cable and Perkune USB cable. We listened only for a short time because It was getting late. I hope to bring him over to hear my system, and then he will listen to the real magic the Perkune cables can do –  Jurgen.

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