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Best power cord results /Power cable unpackingHi Paul, and just finished installing the Matrix PC. This is really cool stuff. Sound wise it’s all a bunch of candies. Holographic presentation is there – instruments and voices are now 3D and have way more condensed energy, meaning they are more tangible. Presentation is more lifelike. Resolution has improved quite a lot. On practical aspects, I had no difficulty bending the cord to plug it into my amp, as I have a very small space, but this was so easy! Best power cord results

I suppose it has had time to bed in properly as the cable allows a more holographic rendering of instruments and voices. There’s definitely more depth to the soundstage. Voices are cleaner and more focused which is a source of serious satisfaction. All need is an upgrade of my source power cord to make another step in the right direction. Thank you very much Paul. You are a true wizard of your craft. The logical next step will be the Matrix Reference for my source, but let me take a breath and save some money. Regards Tom Lasota, Poland


My My My Paul….you continue to create magic in your cable masterpieces! I received the Perkune 3M Reference Pro Power Cable that replaced my 3M Perkune Reference Power Cable, and what a monster! First  connected the Pro and played it at lower volumes and slowly worked it up to higher listening levels to help set it into my system. I didn’t do any critical listening right away as I wanted it to be burned in a little more before sitting down and concentrated on albums I know very well. best power cord results

Well, so far it has exceeded my expectations…..I had a listen to The Highway Men album, a fantastic pressing with 4 very distinct voices, OMG the detail in each voice and instrument had me melt back into my chair like I have never heard before.  The detailed separation of the soundstage was presented in a much more broad and  transparent image greater than I have ever heard from my system before.   I know I have made similar statements in the past each time I upgrade to higher end cable but WOW!
Next on the listening list is a classic Sade album, Diamond Life, great pressing!  Now this album came to life like never before, my goodness, once again I sank back in my chair and what little hair I have left on the back of my neck stood up on end. With so much sax, bass and vocals, this jazz infusion goddess from the 80’s was front and centre with placement of the sax, guitars, percussion and drums surrounding her with unbelievable transparency!  Dam…..this cable has upped the game once again! Bill Long Procter, B.C. Canada
Norway Best power cord results 

Hey Paul, These are the Best power cord results online for you. And I have been listening to my sweet new “reference 2” power cord. It’s so very satisfying, listening to this Best power cord! I Don’t know what magic you are using, but is it indeed working! The Sound now is sublime!! The Clarity is phenomenal and with just a hint of softness right on edge. Making it the most pleasingly sound I have gotten out of my system. The tempo is silky-smooth, and with the richness of details, you cannot, other than being amazed about what you hear. And the way you listen to it! It’s easy for me to say this is now my favourite power cord, but to truly understand it, you must experience it.

The deep bass tones are so beautiful defined, as much as the highest tones! They bring the wholeness in the “sound”, where there is just a suitable balance between everything in the soundtrack. Truly impressive! The vocals feel free to sparkle when they need to and comes through with Clarity and playfulness. It’s lovely how the rhythms can now complement and flow along with music in such an organic way!! Like you never get tired of listening because it is offered to you so effortlessly. I intake my music with giant strides, Paul! Now with this level of audio bliss! The music has achieved elegance, and emotional warmth on a whole new level never experienced before!! Excellent, and what would call authentic reference sound! Best from Eirik, Norway

USA Best Power cord  results
Hi Paul, I have connected the Perkune pc’s to the power amps & my system does sound measurably better.  Thanks for the tip.  I will demo the Matrix next week.  If improved sound I will likely order a pair through Wayne.  It has been great getting to know a little about you & your fine products.  I don’t think the inter connects are the issue but down the road I will try out some of yours for sure.  One step at a time.  Let’s get the pc issue resolved & maybe consider further adjustments later on.  Thanks for your expertise. Best regards Larry.
Hi Paul, We Had our listening session with great success. Changed out the existing power cord for the Perkune, and the amp now was in control at a new level, dominating the Sound. I changed out the existing speaker cable with my Perkune bi-wire, and the music, instead of being sprayed all over the room, now controlled derailed and excellent separation. Graham.
Hi Paul, everything arrived in four days which, was great, but, As the Sigma 170i integrated is not here until tomorrow, I plugged into my VAC Avatar Super (also a KT88). I dialled up the Talon Hawks with the Talon Thunderbird sub and immediately noticed a striking improvement in bass and vocals. I am impressed. My more prominent Talon speakers now bring out a flaw you are working on removing from my system for me, the set of bi-wire cables. Now, time to call the friends over to hear the difference and start making your cables familiar here in the U.S. Your friend, Chris – Hollywood Amps, Florida.

Hi Paul, Late here at 11:10 pm. I hooked up my system with the new power cord for the Preamp. Yes, it does sound better. The background music a little cleaner, and the soundstage is better too. The most significant difference was when you set up my speaker system. I love the Sound!! And dynamics better also!! Clarity was after that; you tweaked my design. Yes, it sounds like Melody Gardot (singer) is performing in my House!! Thank you!! Your Interconnects and power cable are very good!! Also, I want to thank you for how my system is sounding, and by simple movement has brought new details and Imaging. I think there is a market for setting up a sound system like you did for me to arrange to get the maximum performance, so thanks for the speaker’s placements tips –THX Lan – Hawaii

Canada results online

Hi Paul, and my impressions of the Reference 2 power cable I recently purchased from you. The cable is so well made and just looks powerful.  And is very rugged and great to the touch. I have the Reference 2 power cable plugged into my integrated amp. And feeds a pair of Harbeth P3esr speakers. It replaced a good quality $500 power cord. Right from the word go, I noticed a substantial improvement. The Sound of the system became more dynamic and organic at the same time, which is hard to achieve, and there was a better tonal balance from top to bottom. And felt so much more of everything and was a new field of sound. I then hooked the Airdream 2 digital cable between my Audiolab 6000 CDT transport and the built-in DAC of the Parasound amp. Best Power cord results online

I usually have difficulty hearing the difference in digital cables. But in this case, the Sound of the Perkune digital cable was an improvement in transparency & dynamics. As, compared to digital cables from Virtual Dynamics & Wireworld I had been previously using. And with the addition of these two cables in my system in conjunction with your Airdream speaker cables, my modest system has been transformed. And transformed from a sound system to an existing music system with a very high level of goosebumps and emotional involvement , if you understand where I am coming from! Wayne, BC, Canada

Good afternoon Paul, and I finally have had a bit of time to run the Reference power cords. I immediately noticed some significant differences in my music compared to the high-end power cables I was using. The Noticeable differences were Clarity, instrument separation, and the exceptional detail that came from my music. I have been listening to the same theme for years with my audio group. The bass was more profound, not more massive, but digs much more in-depth than before. A very well made cable indeed. And, of course, my friends will want to listen; I have every confidence in bringing these power cords to other reference systems – Graham, Edmonton. Best Power cord results 


Hi Paul, Another positive review of your excellent cables and how they extract a higher level of musicality from audio components. Here are my impressions of the Reference Slim Line power cord and Airdream 2 digital cable I recently purchased. I have the Reference Slim Line power cord plugged into my Parasound New Classic integrated amp, which feeds a pair of Harbeth P3esr speakers. It replaced a good quality $500 power cord.

Right from go, I noticed a substantial improvement. The Sound of the system became both more dynamic and organic at the same time, which is hard to achieve, and there was a better tonal balance from top to bottom. I hooked the Airdream 2 digital cable between my Audiolab 6000 CDT transport and the built-in DAC of the Parasound integrated amp. I usually have difficulty hearing the difference in digital cables. But in this case, the Sound of the Perkune digital cable was an improvement in transparency & dynamics compared to digital cables from Virtual Dynamics & Wireworld I had been previously using. With the addition of these two cables in my system in conjunction with your Airdream speaker cables, my modest system has been transformed from a sound system to an existing music system with a high level of goosebumps & emotional involvement – Wayne, BC Best Power cord results 

Hi Paul, the Air Dreams Power Cables finally arrived today!! I sorted out the polarity as per your great instructions for the European adapters and left them connected for an hour. NOW I am spinning a Sade album, Stronger than Pride, which I know well, and getting ready to write the Power cord results. My recording is a spectacular original analogue recording with lots of warm tube-like warmth, and now the sound stage just became so much more luxurious with such a sense of space! I was sceptical, but every cable I have purchased keeps taking it to the next level, making my system sound its best and BEYOND! But, I am astounded at this early stage how these cables outperform my Nordost Red Dawns! Once again, Paul, you have done it and come through with genuinely unique lines – Bill, BC.

Southern Ireland

Hi Paul, The two albums I played that night were perils from the sea-Mark Kozelek & Skeleton tree- Nick Cave. I had two more listening sessions this morning & afternoon listening to both albums twice. And, I was drawn into the music a whole lot more than ever before. On nick Caves skeleton tree, the lyrics were so much more pronounced. Some passages are hard to understand what he’s saying.

But with your power cable, it seemed so much clearer. I made out what he says for the first time through using your power cable. Also, bass much tauter. I would say it sounded like a different stereo if one was blindfolded & power cables exchanged. I love it & I had spoken to the wife. I’ve never had a system so good, thinking of the new Dac & momentarily forgetting about the power cable. It is a top product & I’m converted. I would never have believed that a power cable could change the whole picture into a recording like this and Oh & the bass! So solid & just there! An0ther thing I noticed that it’s like the music arrives from nowhere out of the blackness. I am enjoying this & look forward to other listening sessions with different albums. Up next is Agnes Obel-Aventine and talk later – Paul, Ireland.


Hello Paul, I’m so pleased about your reference Sound you have made possible. I understand what you mean about the new and fresh Clarity in the Sound because of Rhodium connections. I  am listening to both the My previous Supreme power and the new Reference Power. And, Clarity on the Reference power phenomenal!! The most profound tone is intense! Also, details that before hidden now revealed. And I want to say the Sound is unique. It has some of the same traits as my previous one. BUT now it adds; lots more energy/speed, more clean and powerful deep bass. More details and absolute Clarity!! Without a doubt, it the best Sound from a power cord I ever heard – Roland. Best Power cord results online


Hi Paul, Sitting and listening to your latest reference power cable and the Sound is delicious. And, I understand what you mean about the music is more luxurious and more relaxed! I’m in love with this Sound already! It has all the right ingredients to make you feel at ease when listening to your favourite music. It’s impressive how the rhythm is so smooth but so detailed at the same time! And It all flowed so naturally, it’s dreamlike. I would say I presented in a softer, more appealing way, and I can’t stop listening to this as it is Just so good. Thank you for this, Paul. You are the best – Shep. Best Power cord results online

The U.K.

Hello Paul, and I have to tell you about your latest Reference Power cord. I am amazed at how these different plugs can make such a difference to the Sound of my system. I can see the vast area the IEC plug has, and I know it is Rhodium, but get serious how can that make such a difference! Another layer of Insulation, what it Magics? Well, I do not know, but whatever it is, I LOVE it – thank you, Tommy, London, UK.


Hello Paul, and thank you for this new Reference power cord. The three-meter length is perfect for what I need in my system, and I am using it to supply from the wall to my main power board. I have everything running from this, and I am mainly into a home cinema. I want to tell you that I have a much better picture quality on my screen, and the voice and music quality improve. Thank you for this lovely cable. Hans, Amsterdam.


Hello Paul, And thanks for your Supreme power cord. I am amazed how much more this does than the last power cord I had from you last year. It is like my music and a Jack-in-the-box!! When I play my test CD, it is the same feeling everything has suddenly sprung to life! So how the heck is this possible? I ask. I hear so much more than I ever heard before, and all I can say is an immensely, very big thank you for this beautiful power cord. Regards – Lou.


Hey Paul, I will start by saying that I’m enjoying the heck out of these new power cords. The Airdream S power cord is a special kind of power cord that gives you a sensation of something more. The emotional soundscape in the music becomes ever more prominent. By listening to the different genres in the music that I stream, my involvement with music astound me time and time again. The soundstage is enormous here and has a height to it now, that’s just impressive.Other aspects of listening to this cable are the laser-like focus and pinpoint accuracy. It helps you to draw up the performers and instruments alike with ease, to the extent that you can now clearly hear where they are in the soundstage – thanks, Edvin.


Paul – thanks for the power cords and a big step up from the standards! Just listening to some jazz, and it all sounds so lovely and authentic! The orchestra comes alive, and the piano sounds just amazing! Sounds very intimate and has its rhythm and flow. Hard to believe how the new cord can make such a difference – you are the Man! – all the best, John.

New Zealand

Hi Paul, been listening to the further power cord Golds, and I have to say they are surprisingly good. Everything is so impressive. So much detail now, just a different story. Now the cables have opened up, so you are in the music and the room filled with Sound. The Vocals are only so bright and detailed, and I get caught up in the music. I think I will send my interconnects to you following Monday, and you can upgrade to the gold version; and after that, I will send the speaker for the upgrade because I love this new super Sound – David A


Dear Paul, For now, I’ve connected your Ultimate two-meter power cord to the Taga Harmony TTA-1000 amplifier with K.T. 88 tubes. The cable has excellent transparency and plasticity. It also shows the details well. It has energy inside. I plan to publish the test at the end of August – Ludwig. Best Power cord results online


Hi Paul, Been listening to my system for about an hour and a half as I usually do when I test and then switch to your Ultimate power cords, and every difference becomes apparent! The Sound instantly became more profound and calm. The Vocals were excellent before, but now the extra layer of details made it even more real!! It’s like you hear everything!!! Instruments are present in a new way. More tangible and realistic!!! The black background is phenomenal on these power cords! The Sound is so pleasing and soft. I can be listening to this for hours on end. I love this power cord!! Thanks again, Paul! Making my system even better than it was before!! Best from – Stefan Best Power cord results online


Hi Paul – I have just received the new Ultimate power cord, and I am listening to the same album. There is better separation between the instruments. The soundstage is enormous, and like artists are floating in the room, More depth, more space. The rhythm is faster, so the Sound is fun and more energetic. On some tracks, there are several rhythms on top of each other. And, now I hear each one. The definition of the trumpet is very lifelike, and I can listen to the micro details around. Vocals more relaxed a great experience – Best regards as always from Rolf. Best Power cord results online


I’m the happy owner of three power cables purchased from Paul. It was fascinating to try speaker cable and RCA interconnection cable build using the same new technology. I should say that the new lines exceed my expectations. First, I connected speaker cables instead of Arkana Aequilibrium bass became tighter, overall Imaging more transparent and airy. Comparing with Audioquest K2, “white speaker cable” has a more evident high end and better soundstage while keeping full-bodied, not boomy low end. Next, to me of the Audioquest Sky – the effect was noticeable and not prominent – higher dynamic range, the cable is silent.” Regards, Dmitry Novikov Best Power cord results online


Hi Paul and I am delighted to send you the power cord results. Your power cord is perfect, and I think it needs better promotion among audiophiles and says you should try to sell it through Audiogon? I have barely got to test it, but it makes a difference. SMOOTH SOUND and better detail/resolution. I Tried direct to my CD, but so far, I liked to have the cord this way. I will do more testing. As for the suggestions, thank you. I will look into some of them. Right now, I’m having trouble with rooms acoustics but will buy more power cords from you and will become a happy customer” Best regards – Augusta. Best Power cord results online


I purchased a set of interconnects, power cable, and speaker cables. Paul had a money-back guarantee, and the price was right. He also helps me arrange my speakers in my music room to get the best possible Sound after sending Paul photos and measurements of my room. For three adjustments, I auditioned my system, and the Sound was so much better. I would say performance improved by about 20-25%! The soundstage, Clarity, and depth of the music progressed. I am delighted what Paul has done for me!!! I recommend him highly!! Lance. 


Hi Paul, These are the power cord results – The booming of the room is better, it seems. The positioning of instruments is better like this than when the speakers had more room. To be blunt, I am shocked by your ability to guide me this far. I may have finally found the sweet spot! I had not considered how directional these speakers could be – it is true, these are for the selfish audiophile as there is only a single high seat! WARMEST regards 

Perkune – Best budget Audiophile Cables 

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