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Reference PRO power cableThe Reference power cable introduced November 2021 is certainly a thing of beauty. And is the Best performance upgrade you could imagine. However, a power cable has a specific task to perform: supply your equipment with good clean power. And has nothing to do with the interconnect cable or loudspeaker cables. As, for example, if you give your car good quality fuel it performs as per manufacturers instructions.

But if you provide poor quality fuel, you will not achieve the same performance. And we all know just how electricity network in our homes exposes various Interference—for example, radiofrequency, Interference (RFI) and electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Also, appliances connecting to the same network, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and computers. But, to help combat this unwanted intervention, I intervened, and helped clean up the power by the introduction of the Reference PRO two-meter power cable. Why two meters you may ask, and an easy reply. A two meter power cable will give you the perfect soundstage!

Reference PRO

Cable clampingThe Reference PRO Power cable with Rhodium/Carbon fibre connectors. The results are excellent resolution down and through the noise floor: improved sound staging and image positioning. And a more musical and attractive smooth midrange. Also, a tight, controlled bass, plus power and dynamics. The Reference PRO power cable is two meters in length has a certain weight. And to help ensure stability and contact, the line is attached to the connections and secured by FOUR clamping screws. The clamping screws provide safety and complete reliability. Also, another significant development is an additional internal protection shield. And the Power cable connectors are fitted in such a way to act as a barrier. And this barrier provides extra production against RFI and EFI. The plugs used are  specially made, and have a cable openings of 22 mm.

Reference connections power cable

Reference PRO power cable

The EU and US connections are Rhodium/Carbon fibre connections. And as a result, the IEC connector provides perfect conductivity. Also, Rhodium-plated pins are employed as they do not oxidise. And offer greater longevity and better signal contact. The connectors have a secondary inner sleeve adding to the reduction of RFI and EFI. The power plug (marked with a red spot) is on the positive or ‘Power’ side for easy installation. And always best to check with an electricians screwdriver that all your cables are correctly aligned!

 PRO performance

Reference PRO power cableThe Reference PRO power cable allows a relaxed and more opulent sound. And designed to bring you the ultimate listening experience. Also, with the Reference PRO, you will hear the difference in your music during the first few seconds. And after that, the Sound-stage becomes vast. With imaging and focus razor-sharp and spot-on. The Bass is more profound, tighter, having more energy and expression. And the detail and micro details become more apparent. Bringing you a rich and satisfying experience. And, I think the phrase ‘flowing like liquid gold’ brings the music into a reality! We have found that if you remove the Reference PRO power cable from your system, you will wonder where all the music went!

  • Cable size: 21.0 mm
  • Length: 2 and 3 Meters
  • Construction: Multi-stranded/high purity OFC
  • Conductors: 3 x 3.0 mm2 (10 AWG )
  • HDPE dialectics for each conductor 
  • Protective conductor – Pure copper (class 1)
  • 2-level shielding: pure braided copper 
  • Voltage: 300-500 volts
  • Test voltage: 2000 volts
  • Temperature: -40 to +70 C
  • Resistance: 0.005 Ohms/meter
  • Insulation: PTFE/ Anti-static compound x 2
  • Secondary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP x 2
  • Second level shielding: PVC/Thermaflex
  • Three level AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP
  • Anti-static pads (ATS) fitted (2 per cable)
  • Connectors: Four clamp screws

Audiophile testimonies System in canadaHi Paul, and let me start by saying that my stereo system has never sounded better. My initial investment in the Matrix-S power cords was my first step. And a significant leap forward in sound fidelity. It would help if you gave your head a shake for those who thought power cords don’t make any difference because they don’t carry a musical signal. Trust your ears. The Matrix-S power cords made a massive difference in the music’s sound stage, detail, and depth. And If you are using stock power cords that came with your equipment you just have to try these amazing audio cables.

I have updated to the latest reference pro power cable and interconnects. And are in my system for about a week.  The sound fidelity has never been better. I am extremely impressed with the Soundstage, depth & dynamics that your cables have brought to my humble system. And I am exited for my three audiophile friends, who will be demoing them over the next month. Our lunch & listening afternoon is scheduled for the 20th. I am optimistic that there will be some orders. I am very pleased to help with the introduction of your cables to others. And it is not so often thees days that something wonderful comes along. I hope you & family are well, and Christmas greetings, Larry, BC.

2.0 Meter Reference Power cable 1997 Euros

3.0 Meter Reference Power cable 2297 Euros


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