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Fundamentally, the output of a hi-fi system is nothing other than modulated household electricity. So this should get to the device with the minimum impediment. Extreme current peaks are the most significant challenge for mains connection cables. They are caused by the connected devices as they convert alternating to direct current. These extreme current peaks cause a whole series of unwanted effects, which is why the power cable is so important. I love the power cables because they are the basis on which to build your audio system. And, you will quickly hear the difference a good power can make to the sound you hear at the loudspeakers. A power cable is so simple and easy to use. But, at the same time is so effective in the way it helps improve your system sound. Every person who has heard the power cables agree in every way with the improved performance. And, goes without saying the power cable is definitely, best value for money in the industry!

The Power cables

The Reference power cable is equipped for this demanding task and designed to connect high-quality hi-fi and high-end audio systems. As well as having 3.3 times the prescribed minimum conductor cross-section, it is also equipped with shielding to protect the sensitive audio components in the system from the interference fields caused by the current peaks.

How do you tease out the last bit of quality from the components? No idea is to hard in this regard. And, have so far always had the best experience with development based on the fundamentals of electrical engineering and physics. I can now make perfect predictions of the sound direction in which a cable will go.

The first phase of development involves drafting, brainstorming and calculating. And, ideas sometimes discarded and reconceived until more information found. For product and implementation, it is beneficial that the supplier has its cable mill. And, our in-house finishing area, we can build and perfect prototypes, finish and test ready for further production. The testing includes cables sent to companions in different countries, who try, evaluate, compare pricing and make recommendations on the specific cable.


There is one thing essential when talking about Power cables. And, that is, the person listening to a power cord has different ears. So, how can you ever know just how right a power cable is. And, the answer is for you to listen to it in your own home! Yes, it is that simple!

In poorly insulated cables, the copper oxidises and loses conductivity. If you look at copper guttering, you can see how environmental effects (such as air humidity) act on unprotected copper and cause corrosion. As well as this, high-quality insulating material prevents unwanted capacitance.


Cables function as aerials and “mop up” interference. You will be familiar with this from the buzzing that mobile phones cause from loudspeakers. Effective, multi-layer shielding counteracts this. No cable can improve the sound or picture on an AV system. A suitable cable is not the one that gets the most out of a system, but one that loses the least!

Products often come with copper-coated aluminium wires or conductors manufactured from impure, recycled copper, which significantly reduces the conductivity. For a smooth signal flow, it is essential to use pure, oxygen-free copper (OFC) with a high conductivity rating as this is what makes the sound!


Often, the potential of an expensively purchased system wasted because of unsuitable Power cables. The cables supplied work, but their susceptibility to interference, inadequate material properties and small cross-sections mean that signals suffer losses during transmission. Even with bad tyres, a Ferrari will get you from A to B, but you won’t be getting the performance it is capable.


At Perkune audiophile cable we are continually improving our Power cables. As technology changes, we too will change, And, bring you the latest and best value for money audio cable. The newest Power cables to be added is the “Reference” series. And, is a big step up in terms of performance and flexibility. I guarantee 100% you will never want another cable after hearing what an improvement this cable does to your system. For all the importance of high-quality sound, safety plays a particular role in this category of cable. That’s why every Power cable undergoes insulation and high voltage test in addition to the standard function test, and each cable gave a unique serial number.


The effects of static are ongoing. And, primarily, in terms of the surface effects of static build-up and cable performance. The Power cables are fitted with two Anti-static pads to help reduce static build-up. And, I recommend Anti-static fluid sprayed over the surface of audio cables and equipment every month as this action will help to disperse existing static charges and also inhibit static accumulation. It would help if you did everything possible to get a great sound and this will be a big step forward. Can you spray over loudspeakers you may ask? Well, I spray over absolutely everything as static is a sound killer!


As well as having, over, three times the prescribed minimum conductor cross-section area, the Reference Power cables come with superior shielding. And, protecting the sensitive audio components in your system—for example, interference fields caused by the current peaks. Shielding is necessary, and a combination of different materials is selected to provide efficient shielding both inside and out. These features aid in the removal of external noise and Interference

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