Matrix S subwoofer cable

Matrix S subwoofer cableMatrix S subwoofer cable is a reference cable. And, Audiophiles are interested in the best bass sound for their audio system. A subwoofer (or sub) is a loudspeaker designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass/sub-bass. And lower in frequency than those which can be (optimally) generated by a woofer. The typical frequency range for a subwoofer is about 20–200 Hz for consumer products. And below 100 Hz for professional live sound. Also, below 80 Hz in THX-certified systems. Subwoofers are never used alone and intended to augment the low-frequency range of loudspeakers covering higher frequency bands.

Matrix S subwoofer

Matrix S cable

The Matrix S subwoofer cable uses the latest in cable and connector technology. Solid 24-carat, gold-plated metal connectors. Which, ensure maximum contact and minimal contact resistance, guaranteeing optimum performance. Meaning, audio data is correctly transferred without loss—the music signal, precisely transmitted and perfectly accepted. Also, the Matrix S subwoofer cable made from the latest materials giving true reference quality. And offers natural and dynamic sound for high-resolution audio formats. 

Subwoofer Noise

Matrix S RCA connectionNoise is a problem. And to reduce noise and protect the signal path from any external interference, a solution created. Perkune audiophile cables employ ‘AirGap’ shielding. And, to reduce static, the line is fitted with three-level Anti-static isolation material. Which aids in noise reduction, vibrations and interference from affecting the low frequencies appearing in your music.


Matrix S performanceThe Matrix S subwoofer cable offers top-level performance exceeding all expectations. And, you will be aware of perfect bass positioning and a sense of realism. The Matrix S subwoofer cables reach new depths and exhibits sensitivity and passion. And has a feeling of making you want to hide and protect yourself. Also, the centre of impact explosions and sense of you there is a new experience. 

Subwoofer Design

When designed and used appropriately, subwoofers can be highly effective and very convenient. Equally, though, it is straightforward to destroy any chance of good monitoring quality with an inappropriate or poorly set-up subwoofer — and it is worth stating that I have probably seen nine unsatisfactory installations for every good one!

Poor subwoofer installations usually suffer from too much or poorly defined bass. Often there is an obvious ‘hole’ in the frequency spectrum in the crossover region between the satellite speakers and the subwoofer. It is the ‘integration’ through this crossover region that makes or breaks the system as a whole.

The worst kind of subwoofer system will only provide a boomy ‘woomf’ of energy, regardless of the pitch or dynamics of the bass instrument, and the bass might thus appear to be slow or late relative to the main speakers. On the other hand, a well-designed and well-configured system will usually enable more accurate imaging. And have a clearer, more transparent mid-range (thanks to lower distortion and intermodulation levels) and higher overall output than could be achieved with the satellites alone.

From a practical point of view, a satellite and subwoofer combination is much easier to site and move around. In addition, the individual speaker cabinets are more compact and lighter than full-range speakers, which is often an important consideration — especially in small home studios and for location-recording rigs.

  • Cable size: 11.0 mm
  • Type: Noiseless (Stranded cable)
  • Connectors: Solid metal (24K gold plated)
  • Conductor: OFC 99.99% (23 AWG)
  • Resistance: 0.68 Ohms/meter
  • Capacitance: 65 pF
  • Braided shielding – copper 100%
  • Insulation: Compact PE (Low loss)
  • Secondary sheath (AirGap): DERAY-PBFSP
  • Insulation: Teflon (Dual layer)
  • Outer sheath:  Antistatic isolation material – three level
Customer testimonials

2.0 Meter RCA subwoofer cable 647 Euros

3.0 Meter RCA subwoofer cable 747 Euros

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