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The Audiophile ultimate gold headphone cable is an extension cable. The cable is constructed using silver-plated, OFC multi-core conductors. The conductors are covered with the Airgap technology precision process. This technique greatly reduces external interferences from components and other cables. Resulting in increased signal speeds and accuracy in signal transfer. It has been reported the cable actually improves the sound heard from the headphones. The Ultimate headphone extension cable provides a natural and articulated performance from your existing headphones.

Three meters – GOLD 

Audiophile headphone cable

This cable must not be confused with normal extension cables. Top quality components are used in construction. Depending on the application, cables can be adversely affected by EMI/RFI/ESI or signal interference. Insulation alone provides no protection from signal interference. To combat the effects of signal interference, hence the addition of three-level AirGap isolation. proper shielding is vital – read more

Ultimate headphone cables

The cable is fitted with 24k gold-plated Standard stereo jack 6.3 mm to 24K gold-plated Mini stereo female jack 3.5 mm. But, can also be fitted with 24K gold-plated Mini stereo jack 3.5 mm or Stereo Jack to Stereo Jack.

Audiophile ultimate gold headphone cable

Cable Specification

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The Audiophile ultimate GOLD headphone cable comes with a lifetime warranty.


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