The Reference ‘Slimline’

The Reference 'Slimline'The Reference ‘Slimline’ power cable, introduced into Perkune audiophile cables. Which, offers a power cable providing 90% of the Reference performance but, with, a considerable price reduction. And, aimed at the person who is starting in their audio journey. Fundamentally, the output of a hi-fi system is nothing other than modulated household electricity. So this should get to the device with the minimum impediment. Extreme current peaks are the greatest challenge for mains connection cables. They are caused by the connected devices as they convert alternating to direct current. These extreme current peaks cause a whole series of unwanted effects, which is why the power cable is so important.

It is essential to have the correct power cable on which to build your system. But, unfortunately, this item is often overlooked. And, one of the reasons, is that the importance of a Power cable is not forthcoming when you are in the buying process. Also, due to lack of information and seller interest!  The Reference series of power cables, allow new possibilities.

I really love the new Reference ‘Slimline’ power cable because it is so simple and easy to use, but at the same time is just so effective in the way it helps improve your system sound. Every person that has heard this new power cable agrees and are delighted with the result, and it goes without saying that the power cable is definitely, best value for money in the industry!


It is essential to have the correct power cable on which to build your system. But, unfortunately, this item is often overlooked due to the lack of information given when buying a power cable. And, the Reference ‘Slimline’ power cable, allows new possibilities, providing, a solid foundation on which to build.

Every Power cable has a specific job to perform. Supply good clean power to a powerboard or component. And, understanding the difference a suitable power cord can make is the key to your system sounding excellent or outstanding!

Reference performanceThe Reference ‘Slimline’ power cable, fitted with Industrial (Cryogenically treated) Rhodium plugs are the perfect solution. And, provide a secure, uninterrupted connection. The plugs are either, EU, US or UK, and meet all industrial tamper-proof specification.

The Reference ‘Slimline’ power cable has an excellent feel to it and is flexible and easy to work with. Fitted with two Anti-static pads, and making ideal for Power conditioner, Amplifier, Pre-amplifier, DAC, and all types of audio/video components. The positive connection of the power plug marked with a red tag (for easier installation) and safety. And, before connecting the Reference ‘Slimline’ Power cable, connections must be checked with an electricians screwdriver for correct polarity.


The interference we call noise, can get into your AC power and interfere with your system. And, this ‘dirty’ electricity harms the performance of your audio-video system. If you listen to your audio system in the early hours, you notice how much better it sounds. The Reference ‘Slimline’ power cable ensures a stable and clean supply of power. 


Anti-static padsThe Reference ‘slimline’ power cable provides a blacker background with an increased dynamic range as compared to a standard power cable. The sound stage is vast, with Imaging and focus razor-sharp and spot-on. The music becomes transparent, presenting greater detail and depth to the musical content.

The Reference ‘Slimline’ power cable brings a solid feel to your music and controls bass perfectly. There is no bloom or boom, and the bass is tight and lively. The detail and micro details are more apparent. And, allow increased energy and speed, with a new level of excitement in your music. And, benefits heard at both ends of the scale – in the sheer impact that comes with real instrumental presence and explosive dynamics, and the colour, texture and intimacy that brings a voice or solo instrument to life. The result is the most musically coherent and involving performance you’ll ever have heard from your system and recordings.


Reference 2 XLR caseI have focused on critical factors crucial for developing an excellent Power cable. And, offer, the perfect protection solution. Supplied with your cable is an impact-resistant aluminium flight case. Containing keys, anti-vibration tubes, and a cable test certificate. Which is signed, dated, and carries the cable identification number. This is very important as it identifies your cable, especially if you are trading your cable in for an upgrade or you wish to sell your Power cable privately.

  • Cable: 12.00 mm
  • Cable length 2-3 meters
  • Type: Multi-wire class 5
  • Conductors: 3 x 2.5 mm OFC 99.97%
  • Resistance: 0.0033 Ohms/m
  • Weight: 1.2Kg/m
  • Voltage: 300-500 volts +40  deg C
  • Insulation: PVC type T12
  • Sheath: PVC type TM2
  • Primary insulation: PTFE (Dual layer)
  • Secondary insulation: Felt tape
  • Outer sheath: CanuFlex PE-HB
  • Plugs: Cryogenic treated
  • Anti-static pads x 2

Consistency of design and materials across the Reference Series means you can create a prioritized, no compromise system-wide cable solution. From the wall socket to loudspeaker terminals, with each link in the chain specifically optimized for a purpose, and finally unleashing your equipment’s full performance potential.

The Reference ‘Slimline’ Power cable has a lifetime warranty and a full money-back guarantee. I have every confidence in my cables. And, know you will love the sound from your audio system when using!

Information Video

There are a lot of misconceptions about power transmission and power quality that make it difficult for some people to understand why a power cord makes a sonic difference. The first question is – do power cables make any difference at all? There is no sense in talking about theories of operation if we can’t agree that there is an audible effect. Most of the thousands of people that use power cables started as sceptics, and have answered that question for themselves and have found that power cables and power conditioners can have a profound impact on performance.

And no – I do not care to debate with people that have not done the simplest of tests about whether power cables work or not. The only cases where a high-quality cable does not have significant effects is when used with a low-quality power conditioner that acts as a high impedance to instantaneous current flow. So, does a power cable make a difference?’ I will say yes, it certainly does, and confirmed on this video.

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2.0 Meter Reference ‘Slimline’ 397 Euros

3.0 Meter Reference ‘Slimline’ 447 Euros

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