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VibaPad results - Anti-vibration 'VibaPad'Hi Paul – VibaPad results, and you were right again. My home cinema projector now runs nearly silent, and I am so thankful for this. I used the pads under the speakers as well, and again the sound is much better cause all the boom has gone. Your vibe-pads are brilliant so thanks buddy – Lou


Yesterday I watched another movie at my friend’s house. I brought with me VibePads to use under his projector, There is a fan, and as we sit very close, we notice how loud the fan is. With VibePads (3), the fan noise reduced to almost nothing!! And the picture quality was excellent! Thank you paul, best from Eirgile VibaPad results


Hi Paul, Been playing around with the VibePads Under my powerstrip. I first took the VibePad and put under the VibraPod. Then I switched so that the VibraPod was under the VibePad to hear the difference. And I can tell you the first method was better! Micro differences, but still better! The conclusion is the VibaPads compliment anything on top!

  • One VibaPad on each foot. And, DAC (3). Speakers all feet (8)The sound is so clean, soft, and the music has more suspension. Weightless you could call it. like what I’m hearing (or not understanding?)
  • Two VibaPads on each foot. Pre-amp (8) and DAC (6) The sound now is calmer, and that makes more space for the micro details heard. On the end of the tones is more rolled off. The music is also more in-depth, so it is an improvement to double up on the VibePads. Such a small difference, but still noticeable if you know your system –
  • VibaPads under all cones. The sound is more extended, more detailed and micro-dynamics is more prominent. It is a perfect sound in this configuration. A bit brighter and more transparent as the higher frequencies are more fleshed out, so to speak Nice!! The feel/atmosphere of the music is essential in ambient music. And I can say, the immersion is total. With what I have accomplished, this is now the best performance I have heard from my system.

I hope you like the results. And, I have decided, I Must invite my friends round to hear what they have to say. Best from Lars.


Hi Paul, As you know tried many things for my Turntable but your pads are like a revolution and removed low resonance – great product and thank you so much and will tell my friends Thank you Paul – Ardvtyas VibaPad results


Hello Paul, just wanted to share with you my VibaPad results – I started with nothing under the DAC, and played my music. I put the VibePads under the leg and noticed in the low frequency, that is was a bit quieter and more softness in its beats/bass. Then removed the VibaPads and put under my Nordost Sort Cones.

There was a bit more clarity and separation in the low and high frequencies. Then I combined the two, and now I have the best results! The music is quieter and has a new calmness about it. I am able You can hear the extension of the echoes even better, which is a significant improvement and now I want to put the VibaPads under all my Sort Kones! Regards – Olgerts

The UK

Hi Paul – These pads are brilliant mate My speakers have gotten more focused and sound more at ease/calm, more air and result are better sounding speakers!! Yes, defined!! Absolutely magic – best money ever spent – Cheers again, man – Rommy.


Hi Paul, Before the test I wasn’t expecting anything or to difficult to detect so I warmed up my system, listening to Norah Jones. I put the VibaPads under each speaker cable and listened. The VibaPads did undoubtedly made a difference because they allow the decay in tones to fade longer. Details in guitar strings and piano are even more noticeable. And, also softens the edges in the music and this is amazing to hear. Thank you – Robertas.


Hi Paul – these pads work under my power cables, and you hear it best when you don’t listen to the complete details. But, you notice the music has changed to soften a bit in the edges and is interesting to hear – thanks, Tommy VibaPad results

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