Pre-owned audiophile Items

Preowned audiophile itemsWelcome to the Pre-owned audiophile Items page. And, has been added to help old and new customers sell their audio items.

As an audiophile, you may have other items you wish to sell. And I think this is an excellent tool to help you show your details. Because you just never know who will see this page and pass the information to others resulting in a sale.

Free service

I am offering the Preowned audiophile items page as a FREE service. And, the Preowned audiophile items page is split into sections and will show you the item and the location. If you have an interest, I will put you directly in touch with the seller, and you can make shipping and payment arrangements.

All Preowned items must always be photographed with an accurate description and condition, as it will affect the asking price. But, everything is negotiable, and I am sure you will find what you are looking for, at the price you are happy to pay!


  • Aurender flow headphone amp/DAC – Lithuania
  • Naim audio – Supernate 3 – Lithuania 
  • Grundig SV140 amplifier – Lithuania
Power cables
  • Perkune ‘Reference’ power cable with US plugs – Canada
  • Perkune ‘Airdream’ power cords EU with US adaptors – Canada
Loudspeaker cables
  • Linn products K400 speaker cable 3.0 meter with spades – Lithuania
  • Perkune ‘Reference’ speaker cable 3.0 meter with banana – Lithuania
Interconnect cables
  • Perkune Two meter RCA Reference – Lithuania 
Digital cables
  • Perkune ‘Supreme’ HDMI 1.5-meter cable – Canada


Thank you for your interest in the Pre-owned audiophile cables page, and you are welcome to send any items that you no longer need and I will add them to the list. Cables can be of any make and type

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