Turntable parts upgrades

Turntable plinthsAcoustand Audio are proud to announce in Turntable parts upgrades. The worlds first commercially available Pro-Ject Debut Alloy sub-platter and bearing upgrades.

Turntable parts upgrades

Upgrades for the following Debut models ~

Pro-Ject Debut 0.5, Debut 1.2E, Esprit

  • Debut 0.5, Debut 1.2E, Debut II All Varieties.
  • Debut Carbon, Debut Carbon Esprit SB.
  • Debut Carbon Phono USB, Crosley C10 


This Precision made Sub-platter with hi-carbon polished steel spindle is made from hi-grade 6082 high strength alloy. And, finished in a super hi-quality anodised satin finish. This subtle finish exudes quality and will not rust or discolour over time. Unlike a plain turned or polished alloy and does not show fingerprints. The Spindle is slightly longer on top than original for record clamps.

There Are 1000 Microns In 1 millimetre.

  • Runout typically within 3 microns or less. On this large sub-platter.
  • Spindle shaft typically 1-2 microns of the original bearing.
  • The physical platter is the same as the original.
  • They are bearing upgrades available in other listings.
  • Will possibly fit other models, please let us know which you have.
Also available
  • Sub-platter upgrades
  • project Xpression Series.
  • Rega Sub platters.

Turntable parts upgrades

The plastic lightweight sub-platter that came with your turntable listed above is okay. But, be massively improved. You are bringing so much more detail and mass to your lightweight turntable. The project platter is considerably larger than the Rega Sub-platters available, and the price reflects this.


The Delrin bearing kit (should you also wish to upgrade) adds further enhancements in the sound reproduction by eliminating noise. It is more stable, having more mass than the standard bearing. And, designed to carry the extra weight of the sub-platter. The original direction, not designed for such value and prone to wear faster than expected. Please consider the bearing upgrade!.

Upgrading your turntables sub-platter or bearing is one of the best and easiest upgrades you can do. Simply remove your old sub-platter and bearing. Replace the bearing housing. Drop the ball into it and add around six drops of oil (and on the spindle) before replacing.

  • Renew oil when changing sub-platters.
  • Oil kits also available on other listings.
  • If you have any questions, please ask.
  • This item will dispatch the same day or within 1-2 working days.

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