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surprise loudspeaker cablesHi Paul and Greetings from Phoenix, Arizona! I Just LOVE your Audiophile Surprise cables. Not only Me, my wife and dog but a few friends that I have had round to listen. I certainly would be interested in the market your cables here in the US if we can sort out a deal. Does this interest you and if so please get back to me ASAP – Best regards, Dave

The UK 

Hello Paul, Just last night I finally got around to using the new wires you sent me Right away, I knew these cables were very compatible with my speakers and amp. They sounded every bit as good as my $1400 Synergistic Research wires, or a bit better. I won’t bore you with an attempt to describe in audiophile jargon just how they sound.

The fact they outperform expensive name-brand cables is good enough for Me! I’m afraid that I won’t be mentioning my findings on the Tannoy site, as the conversation has thankfully closed. And, I don’t want to open myself to ridicule, in any case. But, I thank you for taking the time to inform us of them. And, your, effort to send them around the world, to those who were afraid to try something new. I will spread the word about them, and hopefully, others can avail themselves of an inexpensive, yet excellent sounding speaker wire. Regards, Dan  Audiophile Surprise cable


Hello Paul, and all I can say is a huge thank you. I have a week spot in my hearing around the 2-3k mark, but your cables have made me able to hear what I was missing, which I think is fantastic. I have spent so much money on audio cables, over the past few years and along comes your low-cost cable that does everything! I have been searching for over the years – I wonder how many people are like me? I will certainly pass the word about these cables, Paul because you deserve recognition. Warmest regards, Monte


Hello Paul, I have received your Surprise cables today and have started to listen using my reference test CD from ‘Chesky’ collection. I still can’t breathe as I am hyperventilating! I have never experienced anything like this in my life. The sound is so open, clean and liquidity is the first word I can think. I am very much impressed. And, If it is ok with you, I will call you on the phone just send me your landline number and a convenient time for calling as this is the best money I have ever spent – Best regards, Gert


Hello Paul and many thanks for taking the time to wrap-up and send me the cables and I would like to say overall that these cables sound better than my cables that cost over six times the price I paid to you! Last night I got my wife to listen and to say she has no interest in Hi-Fi would be an understatement of the year, but when she heard, she asked if I had been fiddling around with the knobs because everything seemed more transparent and had a better sound. I am planning to upgrade to bi-wire in the future and plan to use your cables – Best regards and thanks once again, Steve Audiophile Surprise cable


Hi Paul, I want to say that I was not quite expecting the outcome after buying your cables as I imagined a better all-round sound and I have to say it is the level and complexity of the change that has surprised me so much. And, is unimportant how this has happened and how your cables have done this but all I can say is a big thank you for the new sound that I now have – Thank you, Carol Audiophile Surprise cable


Hello Paul – When I connected the “Surprise” cable, I was surprised (shocked), and impressed. The difference in sound between my existing cable and the cable was evident, visible, and I could hardly believe my ears. What a clean sound? Excellent resolution! Voices are more precise, and much more distinctive, with a lot of finesse. Fantastic sound stage, and stereo localisation. All records (LP, and CD) sound better. All sounds, voices and instruments are so clean, and undistorted. Listening is a joy, even at a much higher volume. No aural fatigue. It is like a » bright and sunny«vs» cloudy and rainy« day. And this has happened to me? I am in Hi-Fi for more than 45 years! And now, this ‘simple’ cable made all my seven Hi-Fi systems sound better than before! Regards, Mitja.


Hi Paul, I’m up to 90 hours on the surprise cables, and made my first A/B comparison vs Acoustic Zen Hologram II cables (about $1,200 retail). I’m happy to say the surprise cables have a sweeter, more open midrange, and better intimate details than the AZ. The sound is smooth overall, but still light in the bass. The bass is apparent but does not yet have that fullness and depth, compared to the AZ. I’m curious if you’ve tried doubling up on the surprise cables, i.e. using two runs. Doubling the number of conductors might beef up the bass. I’ll keep burning them in and listening. It’s a shame some members in the group reacted so negatively to all the cable talk. A key element to enjoying our Tannoys is having the right components, including cables, making them sing. Thank you, Tony


Hi Paul, I was going to put my impressions on the Tannoy Yahoo! Group. But with all of the negative comments about cables and with all the talk about cables I was hesitant. Still, I installed the audio cables last Saturday and an audiophile friend, and I had a listen. These cables were significantly better sounding to us than the Linn cable that I am using. While some may call them “bright sounding” we thought that they had considerably more detail and sonic information than my other cables. The improvement was significant even without a break-in period. There is no question that these cables are excellent! The 3.5 m cables are not long enough for me to leave permanently attached to my system. It appears that I will need cables that are perhaps 6 m long so that the audio cables can properly lay on the floor and not placed on top of the furniture. I thank you once again for your audio cables – regards, Sandy Audiophile Surprise cable


Hi Paul, tried your cables last night and I agree it does show the image very well and a bigger soundstage. I did several A/B tests, then I tried bi-wiring, and I liked that combination very much and started thinking that making a hybrid of the two cables would be a real winner. Then, I asked Noretta to come to listen. We have one reference track that we played. She had no idea what cables were on at any one time, but she identified your cables. On the Bi-Wire she thought there was more definition, and a bigger soundstage and she said details so, overall very respect to your cables and I will order another set after Christmas – Olgerts Audiophile Surprise cable


Dear Paul, these are the Audiophile Surprise cable results ~

  • Size: 2,5 mm2 (~13 AWG) Cable has Seven strands and made of “OFC” copper, and One of the two wires, marked with a black stripe.
  • Construction: Each strand has 32 wires of approx. 0,125 mm and three of the strands are of tinned copper wires.
  •  Insulation: Transparent Vinyl. 
  • Resistance: Below .02 Ohms per Meter.
  • Capacitance is Less than 75 pF. 
  • Oxidisation: No 

An excellent cable and usable for amplifiers up to 100 Watts with lengths of up to 10 Meters (33.0 Feet) Regards Hans / website click here


Hello Paul, I have received your Surprise cables today and have started to listen. I have to say I am just amazed at the new sound I have got – never experienced anything like this as the music is so open and all around me – such a wonderful feeling I mean Like total 3D – Thank you so much, Edvin. Audiophile Surprise cable


Hello Paul – When I connected the cable, I was shocked at the differences in the clean vocal sound. The people were in my room if you know what I mean, and the clarity was a different level. I am using cables that cost over 1,500 GBP, and your cables ate just so much better so next I will change and try your interconnects – Glenn

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