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Hello Paul, I love listening to this new ‘AirDream’ headphone cable. The sound is absolutely fantastic. A gives me chills when looking to my favourites! I’m so immersed with all the micro-details, which create a phenomenal atmosphere! Headphone cables

I am listening to a different genre of music, and I can tell you, once you hear the music through this cable, it will never sound the same again. The depth is just incredible, and with this level of clarity and coherence, you are in for an exceptional experience!!

My favourite headphone cable. The sound has this fullness with the bass and rhythm, which is immensely addictive. Drawing, you further into a world of musical adventures! I’m so happy that you have created this beautiful cable. Paul, It fills me with awe of what can be done, with such exceptional craftsmanship. Best from Eirik. Headphone cables


Hi Paul, been bedding in the Headphone cable for some 20 hours. And it has opened up with some artist/recordings. You only get the intimacy you need through good headphones. Listening to the album “Post” is now a real treat, and the Headphone cable brings more clarity, not only to her beautiful voice but all ambient sounds in the recording. Even more impressive quality the cable brings is the feeling of more space!

The sound is pure and has a liveliness that draws you. Bass is firm and nicely presented!!

 Instruments sound very lovely with authentic appearances and natural flow, all of this, gives you fantastic listening experience. The sound stage is huge and lots of depth! You don’t get tired of listening because it all flows so delightfully! I’m so impressed with the sound that I will cherish this new cable for a long time to come! If anyone is serious about Head-fi, they need to listen to this! your friend Edvin


Hi Paul, Before I say more about the sound, I must say that I’m not so familiar with oppo’s (205) headphone output. Usually, when I use headphones, I plug them right in the mobile phone or use a Portable headphone amp (oppo HA2) But What I difference as I never heard my headphones sound like this!! The sound has so much more foundation and scale!! I love how the details are so authentic.

The speed and energy are just incredible and am now beginning to understand what Head-fi really can sound! And, a whole new experience for me, listening to my headphones like this and LOVE IT!! Can’t thank you enough, Paul, for opening my eyes and ears to the world of head-fi – Eirgil.

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Hi Paul – well you have done it again because the new Audiophile headphone cables are the BIZ and I LOVE them! Still cannot understand how my headphone sounds much better with this cable in the line. Just does not make sense but after all, I am only a model – Rommy


I am an independent music producer from London. And have bought studio cables and power cords over the past two years from Mr Goodwin at Perkune. I have had excellent service and very pleased with the performance of his audio cables. And happy to write in the Headphone cable Testimonials. Headphone cables

I am shocked by how this cable passes the sounds from the mixing desk with so much information. Making my work more accessible and more efficient. And able to make the performance more realistic and practical. The headphone extension makes my Headphones sound better than the original cable – thank you, Mr Goodwin, for your excellence – Tom Blinda Headphone cable Testimonials

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