Audiophile special cables

A selection of Audiophile special cables, made up for customers over the past twelve months. Who or what exactly is an audiophile? read more

Audiophile special cables
OPPO fans can now rejoice!
Extension cables
One-meter cable OTG with Micro USB and C-type crossovers
Mini-Jack two-meter cable
Two-meter cable mini Jack/mini jack

This is a Two meter MIni-jack cable and sued for high quality from laptop to Audio player

Audiophile special cables
Schuko to IEC C7 connector

This was a one-meter cable and used to supply a Blu-ray player. The result was excellent and picture quality, sound quality very much improved.

HDMI Audiophile special cable
HDMI three-meter cable

This was a three-meter HDMI cable using the very latest High speed cable. The result was excellent and great improvement of picture and sound was seen.

female shuck extension
Schuko female extension

This was a one-meter extension cable with male Shucko one end to female shucko at the other end. This was used to connect to an existing power cord to increase the length.

USB 6 meter cable
Six-meter USB cable

This was a six-meter USB cable using the latest USB 3 cable. Used with Audiophile DAC to connect to hi-end audiophile system. The results obtained were very impressive and a big improvement over the original supplied USB cable.

Bi-wired conversion
35 Centi-meter Bi-wired conversion cable

This was the very latest customer request from Australia. The customer wanted use his loudspeaker Bi-wire function. But without the expense of Bi-wire cables. The Results were far better than expected and so this product has been added to Perkune audiophile range of cables.

Audiophile special cables conclusion

The Audiophile special cables upon customer request. Made with the same attention to detail as the full range of Perkune audiophile cables.

Some of which added to the Perkune audiophile range of cables. The reason is because they can be interesting to others. And this is what everything is about. The sharing of information and helping others to improve the audio system sound.

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