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Hello and welcome to the Audiophile Cables page at Perkune. Thank you for your interest in audio and audio cables. It’s great to see people like you who appreciate good sound quality.

Power Cables

Reference PRO Power cord Audiophile cables

The Matrix Intro

Matrix Black

The Matrix PRO

Matrix Reference

Loudspeaker Cables

Best budget audiophile cables I wire material customer

The Matrix Intro

Matrix speaker

The Matrix PRO

Reference Pro

Interconnect Cables

Matrix PRO 1.5 meter interconnects

The Matrix Intro

Matrix Intro XLR

Matrix Black Pro

Reference PRO

Digital Cables

Matrix black digital I December Digital cable sale

Matrix Black

Reference PRO

Matrix USB

Network Cables

The Ethernet cables I Perkune audiophile cables Network

The Cat 7 Network

Cat 8 Reference

Headphone Cables

Headphone cable

AirDream Headphone

Reference Headphone

Guitar Cables

The Matrix guitar cable

Matrix 3:1 Guitar

The Amp Cabinet

Matrix Power Head

Matrix PRO Powerhead


Bi-wired conversion cable

The USB Cable

Subwoofer Cable

The HDMI Cable

Bi-wired Conversion

The Correct cable

Understanding the value of the correct cables in your system is essential. And the influence on the music heard—also, the right length and type of cable used on each component. And always remember, your system can only sound as good as the weakest link. Also, you must understand the difference between Audio cables and Power cables. 

Because they have two different jobs, your power cable is the first step in building a good foundation for your audio system. Also, different types of power cables do different positions and how clean power for your audio components. Therefore, using different power cables in your system is helpful, as some are better suited than others for your various audio components.

Did you know that Perkune audio cables started operating on October 15th 2015? It’s been an incredible journey. ‘word of mouth’ is the key to success for businesses like Perkune. That’s why I always recommend their products to my friends and family looking for high-quality audio cables. Have you tried out any of their cables yet?

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