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The audiophile cables pageHello and welcome to The Audiophile cables page at Perkune. And I wish to thank your for your interest in audio and audio cables. Also, Perkune audiophile cables began working October 15th 2015, and what an incredible journey it has been. And I will say only one thing. ‘Word of mouth’ is the key, and the only way to drive this business. Also, customer satisfaction is paramount. And after eight years of working I guarantee this is the way forward. 

Audiophile cables

Power cables 

Loudspeaker cables

Interconnect cables 
Digital Cables
Headphone cables
Network cables
Guitar cables 
The Audiophile cables page

It is important to understand the value of the correct cables in your system. And the influence on the music heard at the loudspeakers. Also, the correct length and the type of cable used on each component. And always remember, your system can only sound as good as the weakest item in the system. 

Speaker positioning

One item often overlooked is the loudspeakers. And just by moving them a few centimetres can make a world of difference to your listening pleasure. Also I am able to help with this and only takes three emails. First send me a picture (taken from your listening position). And I will email back with suggestions, and we go for there.

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