The range of cables

Perkune audiophile cables, now entering the fourth year of business have been adding new ideas and techniques. Many days traveling to visit people with different systems for listening and evaluation purposes with positive results. Perkune audiophile cables can be used for domestic or professional applications. The range of cables Includes Home HI-Fi, Cinema, Theatre, Boating, Automotive, Disco-tech, Studio or Live Recording. In fact, Anywhere high-quality audio is required. 

The biggest step forward has been the development and introduction of the ‘AirGap’ isolation which helps reduce vibrations. This has made a big impact on the sound heard and available in three levels – read more here

The second change has been the introduction of Aluminium foil sheathing. Noise is not only a major burden but also a health hazard. This is why in the construction sector and in the industry and many other areas a lot of attention is paid to noise protection. Aluminum foils provide better sound insulation and help to eliminate unwanted noise sources. The Aluminium foils ability to absorb sound allows unwanted noise to be picked up directly at the source and prevent its further propagation. Aluminum foil offers 85% effect as a noise insulator. Which means, only 15% of the respective sound passes through it and an ideal component for use in audio cables.


The Extreme series – view

The Extreme series for The range of cables

The Ultimate GOLD series – view

Antivibration connections in The range of cables

The Ultimate series – view

Ultimate interconnect two meters

The Standard series – view

RCA turntable cable

The Intro series – view

intro surprise loudspeaker cable pic used in text

To say I have an obsession would be an understatement. Over the years, I have tested cables produced by many of the leading companies. I have performed ‘side by side’ cable comparisons. I know how a good cable should sound and how it should perform.

I know how a cable has to transfer the musical information from the first component to the second component.  And it must not add or subtract any of the original information. The cable must be neutral and perform exactly as designed.

In most cases, the gain from a High-end cable is very small and can cost more than the equipment it is being used with. This is really a sad situation as people are being exploited through no fault of their own. I decided to find a solution that would bring high-end performance to the marketplace but would have a Low-end price tag!


The solution was to find a cable suitable for all application. A cable that would give excellent performance and have a clean sound. The cable also had to out-perform cables costing many times more and would stand the test of time! This was certainly a big request and did, in fact, take over two years to complete.

The cables are made to the highest possible standards and meet all EU requirements and regulations. The cables hold a lifetime warranty with a full money back guarantee. And for the customer, there is nothing to lose but everything to gain!

The guarantee ~

Perkune audiophile cables offer a money back guarantee. If, for any reason you are not happy with your purchase you can return the item for a full refund.

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