Music and video are fantastic and have always been two of my biggest passions. I have spent many years listening to audio systems and audiophile cables, which has given me great knowledge and appreciation for all that is necessary to hear the music as it should be heard. Along the same lines, my passion over the years for video has been from making the super 8 home movies right up to shooting with 1″ video tape and also 16mm film. My aim is to help you get the best possible sound from your audio system and also help you to promote your business with the use of video. You would be surprised to learn just how easy it is, to make your system sound better and to promote your business.

There are many companies today who are selling audiophile cables. They all say their cables are the best, so why should you think that my cables are any different? I believe in trust and word of mouth and this is why I am successful. When a person hears my cables they just love the sound and so the cables sell themselves! At the same time people who see my videos always say they are great and when is the next one coming!

My customers tell their friends and this is what is driving my business. I have many stories from people who you can view on the Audio comments page and I have a similar page for the video comments. I am also developing and testing cables and will bring you the latest information when I have something new to show you. The world of Audio is wonderful and the world of Video is wonderful. A person deserves to hear what his audio system can really sound like and so I have developed my own range of audiophile cables. A person wants to get his company around the world with free advertising and so I have introduced Perkune video.

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