Mission statement

Mission statementI really love what I do and have spent most of my life working with sound and audio systems and fully understand what it takes to get a system to sound correct. One of the most important aspects of the system is the fact that cables are actually connecting everything together. So if the cables are good the system will sound good but If the cables are great then the system will really sound great! Please read my Mission statement and you will understand why I am here.

My mission statement

I am here to help you with any problem you face with audio and I know  I will always have a solution to offer and the mission of Perkune audiophile cables is to provide you with the highest quality cables at the lowest possible prices.

When it comes to audio my policy is ‘the customer always comes first’ is my and I want to help the customer to hear the best from the music. I want to improve the customers listening pleasure in any way I am able and will stop at nothing to achieve my goal!

In the Workshop, I am able to produce high-quality cables at a fraction of the price of similar companies who suffer from large overheads. Also, there are no middlemen to pay and all savings are passed on to you the customer ~

Customer Feedback

Customers are of paramount importance to me and I know success is due to the feedback from customers. I would like to share these two letters from customers who are in Norway and Australia ~

Hi Paul – Been enjoying my sound system with your cables and really sound great as ever. I have Just bought the new oppo UDP-205, and I’m really impressed by the picture and also sound quality the player.

I saw your pictures of the new bi-wire cable, and happy you still able to develop new and exciting products!! I’m sure it sounds fantastic as with your other cables, but In my system, I’m only able to do single wire which is really a pity!
I hope you have the same success with this new bi-wire cable as the other really great loudspeaker cable because you make some awesome cables. – Eirik

Hi Paul

Greetings from Mt Abu Rajasthan India as we are here till the 30th November and off to Helsinki then northern lights and then Holland, Germany and then to settle in Fontes near Montpellier in France till mid-May. Can you please make up the interconnects for the cd player to the amp, 2 meters as per your request and those sexy Jumper cables for the back of the speakers maybe January and I will give you a card number and a posting address. All went well with the sale and moving out of our apartment after 15 years and we got a great price as Sydney prices have gone berserk over the last few years combining the Chinese love of Sydney property it enabled us to pay for the new apartment that we will settle into once we return to Sydney in June 18. – Joe

These are just two letters and if you would like to read more then please click here

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4 thoughts on “Mission statement

  1. Hi Paul.
    Long time since I last wrote to you. Me and my friend are enjoying our last purchase. Epson 9300 projector and 100″ screen. My friend asked if you did HDMI cable. I answered That I would ask you. Don’t know what your take on such cables. The cable needs to be 5m…

    Best Eirik from Norway

    1. Hello my friend

      Great to hear from you and I bet you are having FUN!!!

      I will certainly make you up a 5 meter HDMI and can start next week OK

      Price will be 247 less 10%

      total price 222 including shipping

      best regards


  2. Hi paul
    I loved your Edinburgh story, I have 3149 drivers in srm cabinets, I like tube pre and solid state power, is 500 watts / channel too much power.

    1. Hello Graham

      Certainly too much – you see tha Tannoys will run very well with just 25 watts powering them.

      What you need to do is use efficient speaker cables and interconnects so you bring all the signal
      from you source to the speakers and not lose it along the wwy!!!

      Happy listening

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