The Ultimate Range

Wire gauge I The ultimate rangeThe Ultimate range of cables has been redistributed into and more comfortable to read format. And now all the items are distributed in the new cables menu. As things grow and I am adding more cables, I am looking for ways to make the navigation menu more user- friendly.

The Ultimate range

I do apologise for any inconvenience to may encounter but please be patient and simply touch on the cables tab, choose which category you wish to view and connect on that category. The type will open, and you can pick the item you want to view.

The page now shows the price, and you can pay and order straight from the page, which makes things easy. And I hope this is easier for you, the customer. And, as I said earlier, I do apologise for any inconvenience.

I have just introduced the ‘Reference’ range of cables and has taken time but well worth the wait. The year is 2020; the month is August, and what a fantastic year it has been so far. The new range of cables has found the way to Canada and the USA. Also, Dubai and Norway so this is proving that my cables are working! The cables are now able to bring even more from your music and allow you to ‘feel’ the music. The air and space are just amazing with a full 3D presence; The transparency is second to none a, and the definition and soundstage are in a league of its own. If you love Bass, then the reference series is definitely for you because the Bass response has been extended and again you are able to ‘feel’ the bass as well as her the Bass! The ‘Reference’ series is certainly the best value for money anywhere!

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