The Ultimate range

The Ultimate range of cables, designed for the serious Audiophile who wants the best sound possible. but, at an affordable price!

Power cord 

Everything starts with power and is essential to have good power cords as a foundation for your system. The Ultimate power cords sonic performance is achieved because the conductors are produced according to harmonized standards.

(H) for voltage 300/500 V (05), in PVC insulation (V) and in PVC sheath (V), with the copper flexible multi-wire cores (F). The results are a blacker background which allows vocals and instruments to offer a better presence. This, in turn, is giving a cleaner, more transparent natural sound.

One meter power cord

The one-meter power cord is just a little bit special. Three levels ‘AirGap’ isolation, the latest Industrial IEC heavy-duty C-13/HC5 connection and industrial Schuko (impact resistant) tamper-proof plugs.  Which, ar3 ideal for all component connection. Making, this one of the best value power cords anywhere! The Ultimate range 

Two meter

two meter power cord

The two-meter Ultimate power cord has three-level ‘AirGap’ isolation, industrial Schuko (impact resistant) tamper-proof plug and the latest IEC heavy-duty C-13/HC5. Which, makes for a more secure connection. The power cord offers speed, dynamics, improved sound-stage, darker background. And, will continue to hear improvements from your music you never heard before.

Three meter

C-19 connections

The three-meter Ultimate power cord provides you with an increased dynamic range. A larger Sound-stage and a sense of 3D becomes apparent. And, you will feel an increased depth in your music. The power cord is fitted with Industrial Shucko (impact resistant) tamper-proof connector IEC 320 C-19 (Impact resistant). And, ideally suited for your main power supply or mains conditioner.

2.0 Meter Power cord EU Schuko/C-14 connection 597 Euros

  • Diameter: 14.0 mm.
  • Conductors: 3 x 2.5 mm OFC, multi-wire class 5.
  • Resistance: 0.99 ohms/300m.
  • Weight: 1.2 Kg/ meter.
  • Insulation: PVC type TI2.
  • Sheath: PVC type TM2.
  • Primary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP.
  • Secondary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP.
  • Outer sheath: CanuFlex PE-HB.
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C, Normal voltage: 300/500 Volts.
  • Certificates: PN-EN 60228 and BS-EN 60320.
Available power connections ~

Power cord adaptor


The Ultimate interconnect offers a superior level of performance in your musical presentation. Sound-stage, transparency, musicality, and bass are improved. You will be aware of new energy, speed, and clarity.

The professional quality RCA connectors are low capacitance and have the lowest possible metal contact. Minimising eddy current formation and signal degradation. Signal and signal return connections are made in a single piece, avoiding joined contact losses. And, thus achieving very high conductivity.

2.0 meter

Updated connections

The one meter, Ultimate interconnect delivers a level of performance, which is equal to cables costing many times the price. The sound is open, spacious, relaxed and filled with the detail you would not expect from a cable this length.

The one-meter ultimate interconnect offers Silver-plated, OFC 99.99%, two-level AirGap isolation and 24K gold plated connectors.

Two meter interconnect

The Ultimate interconnect cable delivers a level of performance, which far exceeds the ‘Standard’ series interconnects. You will experience a true feeling of ‘Air’ and become a part of the music.

And, will become aware of, a deeper bass, better image positioning, transparency, and musicality. The two-meter ultimate interconnect offers Silver-plated, OFC 99.99% with two-level AirGap isolation and 24K gold plated connectors. And, the two-meter interconnect will provide the Ultimate listening experience.!

1.0 Meter – RCA/RCA connection 447 Euros

Balanced Interconnect
2.3 meters 

Ultimate XLR interconnect

The Ultimate balanced interconnect offers an unrivalled level of performance for the serious audiophile. Improved sound-stage, transparency, instrument position and the sense of realism. Making this interconnect ideal for the audiophile who demands the best!

Ultimate XLR cable

Silver-plated OFC 99.99% with braided shield and 24k gold plated male/female pins with connecting terminals gives the ultimate connection. Two-level AirGap isolation and complete flexibility allow this cable to reveal the minutest detail and information from your music. A balanced interconnect is often preferred for audio applications because of its ability to assist in interference reduction.

2.0 Meter – XLR/XLR connection  697 Euros

Studio Cable
3.0 meters

StStandard stereo jack and XLR

The Ultimate Studio Interconnect is perfect for mastering and getting that mix just right. Every detail in the mix becomes clear. Which, makes it easy to add effects and blend transformations. Silver-plated OFC 99.99% with braided shield and 24k gold plated male/female pins with connecting terminals give the ultimate connection. This cable will reveal the minutest detail and information from your music for a perfect final mix!

ultimate studio interconnect

  • Diameter: 10.7 mm.
  • Type: Noiseless.
  • Conductor size: 0.35 mm2.
  • Conductor Number: Three (Plated OFC 99.99%) comprising 11 x 0.2 mm strands. 
  • Resistance: 0.060 Ohms/meter.
  • Capacitance: 55 pF/meter. 
  • Insulation: Compact PE with, tinned copper braided shield giving 90% coverage.
  • Primary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP.
  • Secondary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP.
  • Outer sheath: CanuFlex PB-HB.
  • Certificates: RoHS 2002/95/EC, CEI 20-22/1

3.0 Meter – XLR/Stereo Jack  597 Euros


The turntable is the most respected piece of equipment in an audiophiles system. And. is because of the pure mechanics employed. The fragile nature of the signals produced by the cartridge which need to be transferred. Making it, an absolute must to use the best possible connection.  I am able to offer a cable which will allow you to hear the music as it was meant to be heard from your turntable.

1.5 meters 

RCA turntable cable

The one and a half meter Ultimate Turntable cable employs 24K gold plated fittings, Silver-plated OFC 99.99% with a braided shield in each cable. Two-level AirGap isolation. Full-length earthing cable (with spade connection at each end). The Turntable Cable has been designed to bring everything from the cartridge to the turntable preamplifier neither adding or subtraction precious information.

RCA connections

The earthing cable supplied is full length to match the cable length. But, can be made to your specifications at no additional cost.

  • Diameter: 10.0 mm.
  • Cable Type: Noiseless. 
  • Conductor Number: Two – comprising 11 x 0.2 mm strands.
  • Conductor Size: 0.35 mm2.
  •  Resistance: 0.060 Ohms/meter.
  • Capacitance: 55 pF/meter. Insulation:
  • Compact PE with, tinned copper braided shield giving 90% coverage.
  • Primary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP.
  • Secondary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP.
  • Outer sheath: CanuFlex PB-HB.
  • Certificates: RoHS 2002/95/EC, 2011/65/UE, CEI 20-22/11

1.5 Meter – RCA/RCA 297 Euros


The use of high-quality materials reduces signal losses in the cable. Resulting in better sound reproduction especially in high power audio sets and over long distances between loudspeakers and amplifier.

On the whole, highly-flexible wires have a larger conductor surface compared to solid designs. And, benefits the transmission of high-frequency ranges. The low-loss PE wire insulation and the additional PE dielectric also relieve the burden on the amplifier for more dynamics and pleasure.

3.5 meters 

Ultimate loudspeaker cable

The Ultimate loudspeaker cable is a beautiful sounding cable, which brings the music right into your room. Filling with micro detail, echoes, after echoes and a sense of realism, just like you were at the recording or live event. Silver-plated (2.45 g/m) 99.99% OFC multi-strand conductors, 24 Gold plated connectors, two-level AirGap isolation, and PE sheath make this cable a must for the serious Audiophile! The Ultimate range 

Close up spade connections

Termination is normally 24K gold plated banana connection but can be supplied with angled spade terminal blades. these are 2.0 mm thickness, 15 mm external width and fits studs from Ø 5.0 mm to Ø 9.0 mm. The Ultimate loudspeakers cable can be supplied in 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5-meter lengths. Ultimate range of cables

  • Cable size: 14 x 8 mm.
  • Conductor size: 2.50 mm.
  • Number: 2 Silver-plated (2.45g/m) O.F.C 99.99% (containing 50 strands x 0.07 mm).
  • Resistance: 0.014 Ohms/meter.
  • Capacitance: 60 pF/meter.
  • Inductance: 0.7uH.
  • Insulation Vinyl.
  • Primary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP.
  • Secondary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP.
  • Outer sheath: CanuFlex PB-HB.
  • Certificate: ISO 9001:2008

2 x 3.5 meter – banana connection 897 Euros

Customer testimonials


Jumper cables are the perfect solution for achieving exceptional sound by replacing the standard, bent metal plates and generic wires supplied with most bi-wire loudspeakers

Ultimate range of cables

The design provides a straight-line, low-loss jumper that ensures optimum results. The Jumper cables are 30 cms in length and supplied with 24k gold plated Banana/Spade connections and four to a set. The Jumpers cables can also be supplied spade/spade or banana/banana depending on your loudspeaker configuration.

4 x 30 Cms banana/spade connection 397 Euros

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