Standard Loudspeaker

Matrix intro speaker cables wide I Standard LoudspeakerThe Standard Loudspeaker cables are a single connection and have an additional outer layer, which provides for the ‘AirGap’ cushioning. The cables are OFC red copper and terminated with 24K direct gold plated banana connections. These connections have double screws which avoid soldering and allow maximum performance.

Standard Loudspeaker 

This is a really an excellent neutral sounding cable. And, what goes in really does come out at the other end. No, colouring, no Bloom and no loss of any high-frequency information. The cable has tremendous speed and flexibility and offers a superb soundstage.

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Standard Loudspeaker cables

The Bi-wired loudspeaker cables connections are made using 24K direct gold plated double screwed barrels. And, termination is with 24K direct gold plated connections. The cables provide a rich full sound and improved detail from the musical presentation. Bi-wired cables allow more information to be transmitted adding to the beauty of the sound.

  • Conductors: O.F.C Red Copper.
  • Insulation: Vinyl
  • Outer sheath: Plastic shrink-wrap.
  • Cable Diameter: 6.0 mm.
  • Conductor size: 2.5 mm2 (13 AWG).
  • Conductor Number: 7 strand – each strand containing 32 x 0.125 mm.
  • Resistance: 0.02 Ohms/meter.
  • Capacitance: 75 pF/meter
  • Certificate: CEI 20-22/II°, RoSH 2002/95/EC, 2011/65/UE.

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Jumper cables  (4 in a set)

Jumper cables are the perfect solution for achieving the exceptional sound. This is done by replacing the standard, bent metal plates and generic wires supplied with most bi-wire loudspeakers. The bent metal plates are just not really up to par and can actually reduce the sonics. And, the design of the Jumper cables, provide a straight-line, low-loss jumper that ensures optimum results.

Jumper cables

The Jumper cables are supplied with banana/banana connection, which is ideal for a person who is using loudspeaker cables with spade connections. The Jumper cable set also comes with 4 spade connections that allow for mix and match! And, is an ideal option when using the Bi-wire option.

  • Conductors: O.F.C Red Copper.
  • Insulation: Compact PE.
  • Shield: Spiral covered O.F.C Red Copper.
  • Sheath: PVC.
  • Outer sheath: Plastic shrink-wrap.
  • Cable Diameter: 6.0 mm ~ Conductor size: 2 x 0.25 mm2 (23 AWG).
  • Conductor Number: 8 x 0.2 mm.
  • Resistance: 0.075 Ohms/meter.
  • Capacitance: 55 pF/meter.
  • Certificate: CEI 20-22/II°, RoHS 2002/95/EC, 2011/65/UE.

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