The Intro Power Cord ~

Today, there are many misconceptions about power, power transmission and power quality. Making it difficult for people to understand the importance of a power cord. Why is a power cord making such a difference? It is important you are able to deliver good clean power to your amplifier and audio equipment. Because good power enables you to get the best sound possible. And so enter the Intro power cord ~

3.0 meter, EU (Rubberised)


1.0 meter, EU (Rubberised)

This is the latest variant for 2018 and is a one meter Power cord. Fitted with Rubberised EU plug and ‘AirGap’ insulation protection. The ‘AirGap’ system employed, with an elegantly engineered suspension system the power cord can do many things.

Improvements in details and offering a blacker background with the improved soundstage. The power cord is electrically and mechanically controlled construction for speed and dynamics making this the ideal entry-level power cord.

Intro Power cord

The power cord can be made to any length you require. And can be configured with any type of connection. The power cord can also be terminated with either male or female connections. Making it ideal for using the power cord as an extension.


Conductors: 3 x 2.5 mm2 OFC. Resistance: 0.98 ohms/300m. Rated voltage: 300-500 Volts. Test Voltage: 2 Kilowatts. Temperature: -15 to +70 Centigrade. Sheath: White PVC. Short circuit: +150 Centigrade. Minimum storage: -35 Centigrade. Sheath: PVC (Inner) Shrinkwrap (Outer) ~ Insulation: HD 308 S2. Certification: H05W-F:EZU, RHOS, REACH ~ Self Extinguishing: IEC60332-1-2.

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