Preferred customer

 Preferred customer I Maserati was deadThe Preferred customer, is a person who has participated with ‘Perkune audiophile cables’ preferred program.

Preferred customer

The program

  • A person buys the first cable at the regular price
  • The second cable 20% discount
  • Third cable 30% discount
Instant upgrade

It is possible to become a ‘Preferred’ customer instantly by ordering three cables at the same time and 30% will apply to all cables.

Old school

You may ask, why I have introduced The Preferred customer program. And, I will explain in the easiest way possible. Audio is something very special to me and has been a part of my life since I was a child. 

I am old school and in those early days before TV the only entertainment was music. I would spend hours, listening to music on the radio because it gave me so much pleasure. And, it was such a revelation when my father appeared one day with a very big carton. The carton was delivered with the help of two of his friends.

And, my mouth fell open in amazement when Dad opens the carton revealing a Grundig music system. The system was a radio and a turntable feeding into a 7-watt tube amplifier. My dad also had an LP and we listened to Glenn miller which was the start of my true audio interest.


I am apensioner. But, still, feel like I did when I was twenty. Well in my mind, but unfortunately the body just does not keep up! I still want to do the things I did but, once again the body has a hard time trying to keep up.

I love helping people because I have been helped in my life many times. And, I know that the more you do the more you receive. And, the more you help others, the more you will be helped.

I want to help others improve the sound from their audio systems. And, I want them to be able to enjoy their music at a cost that does not break the bank! I want the music to be played and enjoyed as I am playing and enjoying. Do I play?

Yes, I have a Burns guitar, built-in 2000 and it is in perfect condition. I grab my guitar maybe three times a week and sit and play. And, I am actually getting quite good now! Audio is a big part of my life and so I want to share my love for audio with you by giving these discounts.


If you are a pensioner then I am more than happy to help, by extending the discount to you.  Because I know it is very hard to be a pensioner!

If you have enjoyed ‘The Preferred customer’, please share with friends – thank you.

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