Audiophile system setup

Audiophile system set up

If you take a picture and the camera is not in focus the picture is unacceptable. In the same manner, when an audio system is not adjusted correctly it is out of focus. The system will not sound as good as it could. This is why the Audiophile system setup is very important!

System setup

I have spent my life working with sound and audio systems. And I know exactly what I am doing and how to get the best sound from an existing system. When I finish the system set up and see the smile on the persons face that’s feeling money just can’t buy!

I am happy to travel to the country where you live and set up your audio system. This will only take a few hours but, the results can be as much as 30% sound improvement.


There are FIVE steps which have to be followed. And, this will bring your system into focus.

  • Removing static from the components using an anti-static gun and anti-static spray.
  • De-gauss (internal cleaning) using frequency sweep CDs.
  • Alignment of the system and power cord polarity.
  • Speaker positions, wall space, and relationship.
  • Focuses the loudspeakers in relation to the listening position. (toe-in)
  • Sit back, relax and listen just how good your system sounds!
Shown below

Are pictures of some systems, I have set up over the past eighteen months. Indonesia, Lithuania, Canada, Hong Kong, Norway, Latvia, Denmark, Poland, United Kingdom, United States,  Greenland,  Hawaii, Thailand, China and Australia.

Audiophile system improvement
System after adjustments
system set up
system set up
Audiophile audio system setup ~
Hong Kong system
Hong Hong
audio system
Audiophile system setup
audiophile system
Audiophile system setup tannoys in UK
tannoy system in London
United Kingdom
audio system set up
system sep up on Vilnius
Audiophile system setup
Audiophile system setup

This picture was taken in Vilnius, Lithuania. And, is of a High-end audio system. Which, was built by a Russian specialist. The system was placed in a very small room and was one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced. But, by using the Audiophile system setup, everything was brought into focus.

  • Authour: Paul Goodwin
  • Date: 03/15/2019

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