Audiophile dealer review

audiophile dealer reviewAudiophile dealer review. Hello Paul and this has been an interesting experience. And, first I would say, there is no doubt you know how to make a cable. Also, one that performs at its price point. And, happy to give this audiophile dealer review

Audiophile dealer review

In our system tests, the speaker cable fared better than the interconnects. And, against its peer group (certainly compared to other cables we sell).  The performance was on a par – in some cases just different. Rather than better if that makes sense.

We tested your cables with the following equipment:

Source: Auralic Vega DAC (digitally connected to either laptop or Airies streamer)

  • Amplification: Luxman 700 series pre/pwr.
  • MBL C51 Integrated.
  • Melody Platinum reference 845 integrated.
  • Speakers: Emme DaVinci, Triangle Magelon
  • Cello, Audio Physic  Virgo 25+.

The power cord worked at its best with source equipment. DAC, Phono, Pre, CD, Server, Integrated and Stereo Power amp.  Also, the need to use an adapter is aa issue for any customer in the segment. The quality of the adapter in question would have a bearing on overall performance. But, overall a very nice sounding cable.

I think you should be proud to have manufactured something that can equal existing cables. And, I really appreciate you letting us evaluate your cables. And, I will arrange with Marion to have them sent back to you.

The cables were also heard after a week of testing by my brother and partner Gary Cargill. And, he shared the same opinion as me as to the quality and performance. It has been a pleasure for both of us to evaluate your cables. And, once you get the labelling and packaging sorted, will be a great step forward. And, you will definitely have an excellent product to introduce into the market place.

Author: Mark Cargill.

Company:  Audioemotion

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