The Intro series

Audiophile cable Intro series range Audiophile and audiophile Surprise cable resultsThe Intro Series, and these are the payment details for the cables. And, I thank you, for choosing Perkune audiophile cables. When you decide to upgrade your present system, I will be more than happy, to work with you in getting the best value for money!


The Intro series

The intro series of cables. I can advise on new or used components and the best price to pay. I have many contacts and this will help to buy a component at a reduced price. There is just no point in breaking the bank!

I can also help with a price reduction when you decide to upgrade your cables. Because I am able to offer you the price you paid for your cables. And, all you will pay is the difference in the price of the upgrade!


The series is a very basic system but the sound is really great and will give you a much better sound than you have at present. And, I am very proud of the results and testimonials, received from satisfied customers.

2 x 3 meter – banana or spade connection  297 Euros
4 x 30 Cms Banana/Banana + crossovers 97 Euros

1.0 Meter-RCA/RCA connection  247 Euros

Power cord
2.0 Meter Power cord EU connection 277 Euros
Payment details
Payment with Price list
  • Please go to the price list in the section that you require.
  • Select the cable you want to purchase and press the ‘ADD TO CART’ button
  • Enter the coupon code (if applicable) and press apply
  • Press “PayPal” checkout and when the page opens fill in your details.
  • Select the country currency that you want to pay in – easy as that!
  • Please select ‘GIFT’ when using the service

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