The Audiophile VibaPad

The VibaPad VibaPad results - Anti-vibration 'VibaPad'The Audiophile VibaPad is a truly amazing product. And, made from Sorbothane. Which. has been around for many years. Sorbothane® absorbs shocks efficiently for millions of cycles. Sorbothane® eliminates the need for metal springs to return the system to its equilibrium position after absorbing a shock. And, perfect the product for any and audio applications. 

The Audiophile VibaPad

They say ‘good things always come to he who waits’. Well, it seems like I have been waiting all my life to find this amazing product. And, I am so pleased that I did. Sorbothane has been around for over twenty years, and so whare was it hiding. The VibaPad

That is the question. Because all around us, there are new products unveiled every day. But if you are not looking, then you will never find! Audiophile VibaPad


  • Shock absorption in industrial, electronic, athletic and medical applications
  • Vibration isolation in industrial, electronic and ergonomics
  • Vibration damping in industrial, electronic and electrical
  • Gasket/sealing in industrial and electronic applications
  • Applications where low cost, high colour plastic moulding is required
  • High-space-efficiency acoustic absorption
  • High-space-efficiency acoustic barriers
  • Sorbothane® can absorb over 50 per cent of vibration energy over most of its temperature operating range at frequencies from 10 to 30,000 hertz.
  •  50 mm x 6.35 mm – Material Sorbothane.
  • Recommended for Amplifiers.
  • Pre-amplifiers. CD players
  • Turntables.
  • Loudspeakers,
  • Power Filters.
  • Audio cables.

The Price 12 Euros per pad (normally supplied in sets of four)

The VibaPads can be used in conjunction with other manufactures products.

4 x VibaPads 48 Euros

The VibePad is a stand-alone product and cannot be used with affiliate products.

3 x VibePads 97 Euros

Payment  Price list
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  • Enter the coupon code (if applicable) and press apply
  • Press “PayPal” checkout and when the page opens fill in your details.
  • Select the country currency that you want to pay in – easy as that!
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