Anti-vibration ‘VibaPad’

The Audiophile VibaPadThe Perkune Anti-vibration VibaPad. The VibaPad can be used anywhere in your audio system. The VibaPad is a polyether-based, polyurethane material, combining vibration isolation and vibration damping. Vibrations are reduced by up to 50%, allowing you to hear more of the music!

By Placing your equipment upon four VibaPads reduces the influence of vibrations and micro-phonic effects. These are absorbed and dispersed more readily than bouncing back into your gear; The result is a lower noise floor, more focus and better imaging—a deeper and more tuneful bass, bright and clean highs, with a rich and powerful mid-range. The Music flows from the loudspeaker with more ease and passion. 


The Perkune VibaPad. Used, for Power amplifiers, Power conditioners and Power filters. Also, Pre-amplifiers, receivers, tuners, turntables, projectors and Laptops.

Home theatreVibaPad under Home cinema projector

The Vibapads noise-cancelling and anti-vibration properties make excellent use in reducing noise. Excellent use with cooling fans in home cinema projectors.

TurntableVibaPads under turntable

The Vibapad noise reduction and anti-vibration characteristics will undoubtedly help to remove low-frequency rumble in turntables.

VibapadsVibaPads under Ayre evolution

The VibaPad can be used to improve performance from Blu-ray players, CD players, Media players and DAC’s.

oppo playerPerkune VibaPads under Oppo Blu-Ray

The VibaPad can be used as a stand-alone item or in conjunction with other manufactures components. Nordost, SoundCare, Chord, Dali, Michell, Pro-ject, Townsend, Virbopod etc.

Oppo player

Vibapad under a VIBRO pad

The VibaPads can be used as a single item or can be placed onto each other, which gives an even better audio separation in your musical presentation.

Specification ~
  • Diameter: 50.0 mm
  • Thickness: 6.35 mm
  • Durometer: 70
  • Material: Sorbothane

The Anti-vibration VibaPad has a superior damping coefficient, compared to any other polymers. The operating temperature range is -20° to +160° Fahrenheit (-29° to 72° Celsius).

The Vibapad absorbs shocks efficiently for millions of cycles. And, can be used under components of up to 95 Kilograms. 

How to use VibaPads ~

Macbook airMacBook Air 13″
  • Select three or four VibaPads and place on the selected surface.
  • Remove the clear plastic protective covers.
  • Take the component you want to isolate and place on top of the VibaPads.
  • Makeup and connect the audio cables.
  • Sit back and enjoy the improvements.

Information Sorbothane

VibaPad results

Price ~

The price of one VibaPad is 12 Euros, which make a very cost-effective method of improving your system sound!

4 x VibaPads 48 Euros

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