Anti-vibration ‘VibaPad’

The Audiophile VibaPad

The Perkune Anti-vibration VibaPad. The VibaPad can be used anywhere in your audio system. The VibaPad is a polyether-based, polyurethane material, combining vibration isolation and vibration damping. Vibrations are reduced by up to 50%, allowing you to hear more of the music!

By Placing your equipment upon four VibaPads reduces the influence of vibrations and micro-phonic effects. These are absorbed and dispersed more readily than bouncing back into your equipment, The result is a lower noise floor, more focus and better imaging. A deeper and more tuneful bass, clear and clean highs, with a rich and powerful mid-range. The Music flows from the loudspeaker with more ease and passion. 


The Perkune VibaPad can be used for Power amplifiers, Power conditioners and Power filters. Also,  Pre-amplifiers, receivers, tuners, turntables, projectors and Laptops.

VibaPads under home cinema projector
VibaPad under Home cinema projector

The Vibapads noise-cancelling and anti-vibration properties make excellent use in reducing noise. Excellent use with cooling fans in home cinema projectors.

VibaPads under turntable
VibaPads under turntable

The Vibapad noise reduction and anti-vibration characteristics will certainly help to remove low-frequency rumble in turntables.

Ayre amplifier
VibaPads under Ayre evolution

The VibaPad can be used to to improve performance from Blu-ray players, CD plavers, Media players and DAC’s.

Anti-vibration VibaPad as stand alone
Perkune VibaPads under Oppo Blu-Ray

The VibaPad can be used as a stand alone item or in conjunction with other manufactures components. Nordost, SoundCare, Chord, Dali, Michell, Pro-ject, Townsend, Virbopod etc.

VibaPads under Vibropod
Vibapads under Vibropod

The VibaPads can be used as a single item or can be placed onto each other. Which gives an even better audio separation in your musical presentation.

Ayre series 5 amplifier
Double Vibapads under Ayre AX-5

The Vibapads can be used under any other similar product because the VibaPads do what others can’t do! This is because of the material of which the VibaPads are made.

Anti-vibration VibaPad and sound care spike
Perkune Vibepad under a SoundCare spike

There are no restriction or limitation because the VibaPad has a safe working capacity of up to 95 Kilograms.

Nordost sort kones
Perkune VibaPad under Nordost Sort Kone

The VibaPads can be fitted under Loudspeaker cables and Power cords to keep these items off the floor.

VibaPads under Power cords
VibaPads under power-cords

The VibaPads, help keep the muddying effects of vibration out of the signal chain.  Allowing for cleaner, purer audio and video signals.

VibaPad and sort kone
VibaPad and SortKone under conditioner
Specification ~
  • Diameter: 50.0 mm
  • Thickness: 6.35 mm
  • Durometer: 70
  • Material: Sorbothane

The Anti-vibration VibaPad has a superior damping coefficient, compared to any other polymers. The operating temperature range is -20° to +160° Fahrenheit (-29° to 72° Celsius).

The Vibapad absorbs shocks efficiently for millions of cycles. And, can be used under components of up to 95 Kilograms. 

How to use VibaPads ~

Macbook air for test
Macbook Air 13″ for demonstration
  • Select three or four VibaPads and place on the selected surface.
  • Remove the clear plastic protective covers.
  • Take the component you want to isolate and place on top of the VibaPads.
  • Makeup and connect the audio cables.
  • Sit back and enjoy the improvements.

Information Sorbothane

VibaPad results

Price ~

The price of one VibaPad is 12 Euros, which make a very cost-effective method of improving your system sound!

4 x VibaPads 48 Euros

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