Elite cable review

audiophile loudspeaker cable reviewElite cable review – In September this year, I received a package from Vilnius, Lithuania directly from Perkune Audiophile Cables – Mr Paul Goodwin. As I am writing this Elite audiophile cable review, I will mention that I have tested and described various Paul cables, and a few of them are used in my hi-fi audio system. Why? Because they sound great, they deliver a beautiful sound with a lot of tonal advancement.

Elite cable review

This time I got the latest Elite cables which are currently the highest in their range. So I will test the speaker cables, RCA interconnects and speaker jumpers all in the Elite series of course. But the loudspeakers go first. Perkune Audiophile Cables The builder, Paul Goodwin, creates his cables in Vilnius, Lithuania. He is an “oil and gas” engineer but has also been involved with music and sound all his life.  Elite audiophile cable review


Elite audiophile cable reviewConstruction and general impression In the new Elite series Paul recommends after removing the cables from the box do not touch with bare hands (fingers) or plugs or connectors – preferably use cotton gloves. Therefore, the cables have all the plugs packed in plastic pouches

Air gap

This shrinkage is expected to play an additional role in “air gap cushioning”. Inside there are two microphone wires, I do not know what, but unless this time they are not Italian Tasker. Wires are assembled without soldering. At about 15 centimetres the cables break apart – they are equipped with 24k gold-plated banana plugs, Taga Harmony and covered with insulation cables.

At the split (both ends) ferrite rings are also installed, also covered with insulation. Next to it is a sticker with the Perkune logo. Cables are about 3.5 meters long. They are not rigid, they are flexible. Pleasant to the touch. Sound impressions I plugged in between the Hegel Rost amplifier and the Living Voice Auditorium R3. The second listening set is the Pathos Classic One MKIII amplifier and the Definitive Technology BP9060 bipolar speaker.

I also used Guru Junior monitors. Comparison Loudspeakers are XLO UltraPLUS U6-10, Cardas 101 Speaker and Perkune Audiophile Cables Standard series. The remainder of the accompanying equipment is listed at the end of this text. When I hooked up the cables to my Living Voice Auditorium R3 speakers, the thought came to my mind: “Paul knows the sound of how few people have a guy with a cable ear

The good cable should be neutral – do not colour anything, do not colour it, do not add a bass, but do not capture it, care for harmony and cohesion of sound, and should build a far black background, while also seeking subtlety. In short, it should be transparent to give the best sound and amplification. Elite audiophile cable review


test system in PolandAnd such is the new Elite loudspeaker cables. The music sounds very coherent, in such a silky and beautiful way, with a nice pleasing and clear structure. The background is black, and sounds are made on it – the big ones, the small ones and the smallest ones. The sound is deep, multi-layered, plastic and full. Significantly, the instruments are precisely cut out of space, and at the same time constitute their immanent and coherent part.

Thanks to that, the strings are very expressive, perfectly anchored between the bass and the soprano. There are numerous details and details of the recordings, and also their artefacts (which may or may not be).

Perkune cables can be called analytic and distributive, but it is analytics that is beneficial to the natural and energetic nature of music. Perhaps only the sopranos may seem too expressive, but not yet vitreous. The bass is massive, compact and flexible, not sticky. And, sometimes it should be stretched.

It is important to emphasize that the sound goes forward, but also far into the scene. The space and dimension of the scene are impeccable. Yes, and not the other cable characteristics.

Perkune predisposes them to use in hi-fi systems, balanced, well arranged and well-composed. Where they will be complementary and delineated, but not a cure for lack of bass, resolution or melodiousness. Then they open and accelerate the sound by transferring them to a higher level of voices and fertility, which is hard to be called otherwise as advanced and full-blooded.

Test system ~
  • Amplifiers: Hegel H160, Hegel Röst, Pathos Classic One MKIII and Cayin A-55 TP.
  • Speakers: Living Voice Auditorium R3, Definitive Technology BP9060, Studio 16 Hertz Canto Grand and Guru Audio Junior.
  • CD Player: Musical Fidelity A1 CD-PRO.
  • Network players: Onkyo NS-6170, Pioneer N-70AE and Auralic Aries Mini.
  • DAC: Pioneer U-05, S.M.S.L. M7 and iFi micro iDSD Black Label.
  • Computers: MacBook Apple Pro and Dell Latitude E6440.
Technical specification

Conductors: red OFC copper, – insulation: vinyl, – external coating: plastic shrink film, cable diameter: 6 mm, – conductor size: 2.5 mm2, 13 AWG, – number of guides: 7 wires, each threaded with 32 threads, 0.125 mm, – Resistance: 0.02 Ohm / meter, – capacity: 0.75 pF / meter.

The Price in Europe for the 3.5 meters ‘Elite’ loudspeaker cable is 595 Euro (shipping included) ) and I can certainly recommend them.

Author of review: Ludwig Hegel (Stereo I Kolorowo – Underground)

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