There are many companies in the marketplace today selling items you need but, I prefer to tell you about the companies I know and have dealt with. If you are looking for a new or used item then have every confidence in dealing with any of these companies listed below because they are all Recommended 100% to you.

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Loudspeaker manufacturing company

Established over 50 years for all your loudspeaker requirements and based in England.

Focal manufactures the BEST sounding loudspeakers in the world and based in France.


recommendedNordost is the premier manufacturer of hifi audio cables and accessories in the consumer electronics industry


RecommendedAudiophile cables/conditioner/ firewall/Signal cables/speaker cables and speciality products.


Guest sitesNew and used audio system/Loudspeakers/amplifiers/

Guest sitesConditioners/power supplies/accessories


hifi electronics Wireless items/speakers/computer audio/


Guest sitesHi-end cables/amplifiers/players/music players/


Guest sitesCustom made turntable  plinths and turntables tonearms and accessories


guest siteHi-End amplifiers/loudspeakers/turntables and CD players


guest siteHi-End Amplifiers/loudspeakers and cables for the discerning audiophile


audiophile cables


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