Computer audiophile cable

Computer cable

I would like to introduce the Computer audiophile cable. But first let me go back in time because a few a months ago, I was asked to supply a cable to connect a computer to an audio mixing system.

The results were great and if you would like to them read please click here. I have recently been requested to supply an interconnect cable for a computer to a mini rigs speaker system. And again the results were excellent!


Today, Many people prefer to use a computer to store music files but also want the system to be portable. A system such as mini rigs is the solution and you can read about it here. People want to take their laptops everywhere and also want to take all their music with them.

Sound quality to many people is the main focus. And with this in mind, I decided to use the same type of cable that I use in the audiophile cables.


The Computer audiophile cable for this Computer audiophile cable is made in Italy. And the 3.5 mm connecting plugs are made in Germany

The Computer audiophile cable is assembled in Lithuania and has the  ‘AirGap’ isolation added for increased performance.

After construction, the Computer interconnect is “burned in” using three CD’s which takes three days.


Testing is fun and sometimes I surprises. But, in this case, everything was as expected. I played the system with a Mac laptop and it really did sound good. But when I connected the Computer audiophile cable it was like a hi-end system was playing.


A question – “Am I able to add a video of this operation to show a normal cable and the audiophile cable to show the difference”

This is a good question but I have to say it is not a realistic request. When you listen to something which has been recorded in the home environment and fed through the internet you are not able to hear the difference!

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