Balanced interconnect

The Balanced Interconnect is a beautiful sounding cable and fitted with Neutrix XLR connections and will show detail and precision in your system.  The cable has First level AirGap isolation and shielded which helps with the overall sonic performance. I think the extra money you pay for this cable is well worth the results which you will hear because a balanced cable will always give a better result.

One meter – XLR

Balanced Interconnect XLR

The interconnect is supplied in One or Two-meter lengths but can be supplied to any length you may require. A balanced Interconnect is often preferred for audio applications because of its ability to assist in interference reduction and also is the best choice when using an audio system which has a large distance between components – Read more

Cable specification ~ Conductors: O.F.C Red Copper ~ Insulation: Compact PE ~ Shield: Spiral covered O.F.C red Copper ~ Sheath: PVC ~ Outer sheath: Plastic shrink-wrap ~ Cable Diameter: 6.0 mm ~ Conductor size: 2 x 0.25 mm2 (23 AWG) ~ Conductor number: 8 x 0.2 mm ~ Resistance: 0.075 Ohms/meter ~ Capacitance: 55 pF/meter ~ Certificate: CEI 20-22/II°, RoHS 2002/95/EC, 2011/65/UE.

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