Customer comments

Customer comments

We are just entering the fourth year Perkune audiophile cables has been in business. I know the customer always comes first and I know how important customer comments are!

It was my intention to produce a set of cables that would work. I wanted the customer to talk about their results in a positive manner. After three years I have many customer comments and pleased to share them with you.

How to judge a cable which you have not heard is impossible. How can you be sure everything the manufacturer claims is possible. If you read the results that people are getting by using my cables will give you an indication. And maybe try the cables for yourself, remember nothing ventured nothing gained!

Unfortunately, there are thousands of companies who offer products that certainly do not live up to the claims made by the manufacturer. I offer you a full money back guarantee. I have only had to give ONE refund! This was too a gentleman in Poland who bought a Loudspeaker cable and an Interconnect cable. He LOVED the Loudspeaker cable but said when he added the interconnect the system sounded too rich!

As I receive customer comments I will add to the database. You are more than welcome to request the name and email address of the person making a particular comment. I have tried to put the comments into order and placed in categories to make it easier.

Customer comments

If you wish to read a selection of the customer comments, please see below and select the category that you wish to view.

Power cord comments click here

Loudspeaker cable  click here

Interconnect cables  click here

‘Surprise’ cable click here

Guitar cable comments click here


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15 thoughts on “Customer comments

  1. Hello Rom,

    I actually have made my own cabinets and have friends who make cabinets as well but the thing is I was asked to make a cabinet for a guy in the states but the shipping would have cost more than the cabinet so it was pointless and also same for a guy in Germany and again the shipping was far too expensive. I only use 25mm MDF and that is very heave and so too expensive so the awmswer is no sorry

    best regards Paul

  2. I like a good and high-quality music and rarely listen mp3. Even when I am about to buy a new car almost first thing I check is quality of sound system.
    This year my son graduated from Southampton University in Sound Engineering. He had a diploma project of 4d sound development. I will definitely show him your page.

  3. You have some great picture! Are you going to utilize YouTube as a traffic source? You might think about that, or even a simple how to blog if you haven’t already done so. DIY is the big thing these days. You have a lot of great content. Have you thought about using videos on your website? I didn’t see any but that might be another great way to bring content to you site. Keep up the great work!

  4. Hello Lou

    Thanks for your comments –

    I have just finished making a two meter interconnect with XLR connections and burning it in now for my client in Norway and this is the best cable I have ever made and the sound is again much better than anything else I have hearing details that u have never Gerard before it is stunning so I will add it to the range

    Best regards


  5. Paul – First thanks for putting a mission statement on your site! This is VERY helpful to tell everyone what you are doing in a simple, straightforward statement.

    Nice work,

    Steve Cox

  6. Hello Joe

    Thank you very much for your comment and I am very please that your system is sounding better
    If you would like to send me a pic of your system taken from your listening position and will
    be able to improve you sound even more by adjusting a few thing OK

    best regards


  7. Hi Paul,

    A day late but what a great website, so many variations of cables. Your knowledge is there for everyone to see. Loved listening to the music while watching the cable video. Being a dog lover, had to watch your stick wielding and swimming German Shepherd. Was the dog digging for oil, LOL.
    The reviews are exceptional and seeing your set up photos at many different companies, is amazing. Explaining your history and WA you covered all aspects, really interesting.

  8. Good day Paul,

    I am very impressed by the whole content of your website. Real audiophiles or even beginners who want to appreciate Quality sound definitely need to get your products.
    I thank you for this wonderful site and the very best to you.

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