The Headphone Cables

Reference headphone cable - Perkune audiophile cablesThe headphone cables were developed over the past four years and are a unique approach to improving the sound heard from audiophile headphones. They represent the best value in the audiophile headphone industry. This was a special order and is something I love to do. Because it gives me another string to my bow as the expression goes. And, I am always learning and improving my techniques!

The Headphone Cables

Hi Paul, and, What I did was to first listen to my Airdream 2 headphone-cable for about half-hour. And, then switch right over to the new 5 m Supreme headphone-cable. What I now was hearing, totally blew me away

Dry deep bass

Immediately; The dry, deep bass was immense!  It had a lot more punch in the most resonant frequencies for sure. Not only that, but it had such accuracy and clarity about it. Wow!! The second thing That hit me was the speed! Now the drive of the rhythms and beats had new energy. So great to hear this! As it made everything sound more awesome and fun! Besides the clarity of details, which is fantastic, it now had one of the blackest backgrounds to it. And, helped to make every little detail stand out with a level of sharpness not heard before.


It’s a whole new experience! One I’m so happy to have with this Supreme headphone extension cable from Perkune.More on details; The micro-nuances in vocals I now hear in performances is Incredible!! Because of this, I able to discover new things about the way they sing and have more intimate moments with the music they make. The soundstage is wast and has separation needed, for the sounds to mix to fades in and out magically from the darkest canvas. Recommended and will elevate the music experience to its fullest potential. And, you never seem to stop surprising me with these grand moments, I only get with your audio cables – Eirik.


I am more than happy to have my products evaluated by independent specialist publications, magazines or test laboratories and their experts. And praise from the email I receive inspires me to carry on and take my cable to the next level! 

Perkune – Best budget Audiophile Cables

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