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Hello Paul, and just wanted to tell you the new Bi-wired Adaptors are fantastic. I removed the Nordost jumpers I was using, and the difference was quite profound. There was more of everything in my sound. Air, space, details, micro-details and above all, life! I just do not know how you do it, Paul. But like all the cables I have bought from you the performance increases every time. I will now put my Nordost jumper cables up for sale and when sold will get back to you and talk about a turntable cable – bye for now Bill, Canada


Hi Paul, We tested the bi-wire adapter cable and were stunned by how the sound changed. We tested the Left speaker with bi-wired adaptor and right speaker with a single wire. The right speaker without the bi-wire sounded dull and lacked the sparkle, energy and clarity the right speaker had. The bi-wire brought out the fun and rhythm in the music.  With both speakers with the bi-wired adapter cables, the sound was so bright it lifted the system several notches up. 
My friend immediately could tell how the sound opened up and was much less fatiguing to listen. Now so smooth. His cables are Nordost Frey, and now he needs to upgrade! Eirik. Bergan, Norway

United Kingdom

Hi Paul, Got the bi-wired adapters all hooked up this morning and want to say a big thank you for the improvement that I heard in my system. It was INSTANT and awe-inspiring I can tell you, regards – Alan Biggins 


Started with the Elite speaker cables, and they lifted the quality of sound like nothing else. On the success of the wires, we then got the interconnects and we couldn’t believe the difference they made. And, because of the successful purchases, we went for the new bi-wire connection, which lifted the sound even higher, can’t thank Paul enough for his service and excellent advice. – Joe Timmins

Hi Paul, Just put the Bi-wired cables through their hoops with the divine Maria Callas on a beautifully remastered cd’s. We thought the sound was pretty good without them, but what a difference they made—the full orchestra of the Putin Opera. We had the level of music at about 60/100, and bi-wired 52 is too loud but still extremely clean and bright. Also perfectly balanced mixed piece, without them a little right of centre. Very happy with this great result and thanks so much – Lou

I thought this was a joke at first when you brought them over. And, I have never tried the BI-wire function on my speakers so thought what the heck – nothing to lose. I will now say I believe 100% that Bi-wiring is the only way to go. You have opened my eyes, and these conversion cables of yours make my system ROCK – Paulis, Vilnius

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