Guitar power cable

Guitar power cable I perkune audiophile cablesThe guitar power cable began its journey as an experiment, born from curiosity and a quest for excellence. About two months ago, I was approached by a customer with a specific request. To create a power cable capable of replacing the cable, originally fitted to his prized guitar amplifier. His desire was simple yet profound—he sought to enhance the amplifier’s sound quality. The guitar power cables was created and upon witnessing its remarkable performance, was seamlessly integrated in June 2024.

Customer reaction

My customer’s reaction was nothing short of gratifying. And he likened the cable’s effect to the removal of a blanket covering the amplifier. His satisfaction was such that he placed an order for a second cable. And following the same meticulous process as before, the second cable was crafted and dispatched to America. Once again, the results surpassed expectations, prompting an order of two additional guitar power cables. 

Cable construction

Cable plug componentsIntroducing the precision-engineered plug utilised in the guitar power cable. This robust Brass plug is a special order from Singapore. And available with US or EU rhodium-plated pins. Weighing twice as much as equivalents (14.6 to 30.8 grams) it ensures durability and reliability under all conditions.

Internally, the plug boasts Rhodium-plated screws, secondary PVC shielding, and a secondary isolation ring. Further enhancing its performance and safeguarding signal integrity. And encased in a sleek Carbon Fiber body, seamlessly integrates style with functionality. Also, the incorporation of ferrite sleeves and silicone sleeve not only elevates its aesthetic appeal but, underscoring its pivotal role in the audio chain.

The IEC connection is left open to fit to the amplifier yourself (or a qualified electrician). The live side is brown, neutral is blue and the earth is Yellow/green striped. Also, the cable is covered with anti-static protection tape all the way, And the end is reduced in size to enable the cable to fit inside the cabinet connecting hole.

The Ferrite collar

The Ferrite collar

Ferrite has been used for years and more than just a mere accessory, serving as a foundational element in the sound improvement. And whether a professional guitarist or an avid audiophile, the guitar cable promises to elevate your sound to unprecedented heights.

Guitar cable

The guitar cable is made in a three meter length. And a distinguishing feature is the shielding. Power cables from other manufacturers are rarely shielded. Also, the shielding is in the greatest extent responsible for minimising the impact of electromagnetic interference on other audio cables. Also, the combination of the components brings you a cable offering a black background.

  • Construction: Cable 3×2,5mm2 (50 x 0,24mm)
  • Weight 550grams
  • OFC braided with 80% coverage
  • High purity 99.9997 OFC
  • Terminated with US or EU Rhodium plug
  • Geometry: conductors twisted together
  • Dielectic: triple insulation, perfect cable for concealed wiring (unique external shielding made from modified PCV with higher resistance) 
  • Wires resistance: (DC in 20°C): 4,37 Ohm/1000m or less
  • Isolation resistance: >=1 G Ohm/km
  • Voltage test 1kV

High quality OFC cable. Shielded braid with a density of 80% protects against interference in audio Hi-Fi, High-End systems.

The Guitar cable is suitable for vintage amplifiers such as –

Marshall JTM45, Gibson GA-5, Fender Bassman, Selmer Zodiac, Silvertone 1482, Supro Thunderbolt,  Ampeg Gemini, Sunn Model T, Vox AC30, Magnatone Custom 440, Danelectro DM-2, Gretsch 6150, Watkins Dominator, Traynor YGM-3, Harmony H-410, National 1210, Sound City L120, Kustom K200A, Orange Mattamp.


3.0 Meter Guitar power cable 697 Euros


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