Recommended companies

Recommended companies I Used Tube amplifierShown below, are my Recommended companies in the marketplace today. As you know, I have been involved with audio, all my life. And, actually, involved with ‘Hi-end’ audio for about twenty years. It was when I came to Vilnius, Lithuania, I was introduced to Hi-end audio. I absolutely love the sound produced from a Hi-end system and have learned so much about the way in which it works. And, it was through my interest that allowed me to meet different companies within the industry.

Recommended companies

The recommended companies, are selling high-quality items you need. And, I prefer to tell you about the companies I know and have dealt with due to their credibility. If you are looking for a new or a used item, you can have every confidence, in dealing with any of the companies, that I have listed below.

I know it takes years to build good relations within the audiophile industry. And, so many times things do not always work as you would wish. And, a product can become faulty through no fault of your own. Also, through no fault of the component supplier. This is where good customer support service is required and essential to maintaining a good relationship. Any problem I experienced, was dealt with quickly and professionally. And, I can guarantee, you will be treated in the same manner to which I was treated.


  • RecommendedAudiophile cables/conditioner/ firewall/Signal cables/speaker cables and speciality products.
  • Guest sitesNew audio system/Loudspeakers/amplifiers/HIgh quality used and excellent second-hand items.
  • Guest sitesHi-end cables/amplifiers/players/music players/New and Used shop components and demo item sales.
Music rooms
  • guest siteHi-End amplifiers/loudspeakers/turntables and CD players/New and Used audio components and accessories

I personally know many of the people involved with these companies. And, I am happy to share names and email address to you. And, each company is Recommended 100%!

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