Recommended companies

Recommended companiesShown below, are my Recommended companies in the marketplace today. I have been involved with audio, all my life. And, actually, involved with ‘Hi-end’ audio for about twenty years. I love the sound produced, and have learned so much. The recommended companies, are selling items you need. And, I prefer to tell you about the companies I know and have dealt with. If you are looking for a new or used item, you can have every confidence, in dealing with any of these companies listed below.

Recommended companies

I know it takes years to build good relations within the audiophile industry. And, so many times things do not always appear as you would wish. A product could become faulty through no fault of your own, And, through no fault of your supplier. This is where good customer service is required and essential to keep a good relationship with each other.

  • Click on the companies logoAudioLoudspeakers


  • Established well over 50 years for all your loudspeaker requirements. And, Based in England.


  • RecommendedAudiophile cables/conditioner/ firewall/Signal cables/speaker cables and speciality products.


  • Guest sitesNew audio system/Loudspeakers/amplifiers/HIgh quality used and excellent second-hand items.


  • Guest sitesHi-end cables/amplifiers/players/music players/New and Used shop components and demo item sales.


  • Guest sitesCustom made turntable plinths and turntables tonearms/ And accessories and audio cables for turntables and mains cables


  • guest siteHi-End amplifiers/loudspeakers/turntables and CD players/New and Used audio components and accessories.
  •          Recommended companies audiophile cables
  • This is my own company. And, I make audiophile cables and power cords. Also, I offer a full money-back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose but, very much to gain1


Credibility –

I personally know many of the people involved with these companies. And, each company is Recommended 100%!

Any questions –

Please contact me, and I will be more than happy to help, regarding any of the above companies.


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