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From the UK
Hello Paul, I have just hooked up the three meter ultimate Loudspeaker cable and right from the box the sound is more direct and even more focused. Detailes are even more prominent than before, making the sound and music so alive!! Wow! The dynamics increases so to make a 3d sound of the soundstage. The details in the bass now are just outstanding! Hearing everything and at the same time, hearing the whole soundstage in perfect harmony! The sound is so good now, it’s like I upgraded some source component!
Now I just listen how the music is conveyed! It’s the most beautiful sound that I have ever heard on my system!  Absolutely in love with  this new sound, making all  the music sound so amazingly good and these are absolutely the best cables ever. I can’t believe how much the sound can improve, having superior quality cable. I will enjoy my music now like never before – thank you Paul so very much – Steven
From Norway

Hello Paul – Just connected the new Ultimate speaker cables and  they sound amazing. The first thing that hit me is how natural it all sounds and that is only the beginning! The depth and width of the sound appears all around. The soundstage grows bigger and the smooth deep bass melt’s in from the total black background and all of the Instruments in the music are very organic in the whole presentation. The rhythm is very precise and unhindered. Meaning it just flows through the air and every detail is coming forth to takes its place!  The micro details are much better now, as you can really hear what they are all about! This is fantastic, and important!!  The movement has increased even more with these speaker cables and so the music tells its story!! The Voices are more natural and the micro details are astonishing!! You are able to hear the tones in the voices with such Clarity!! So the singing is even more real! So relaxed and smooth but at the same time so precise!  Sometimes details will jump out, to say hallo that you weren’t aware of before. The presentation of the music is without a doubt, the best of the best! This is other masterpiece from Perkune! I’m so impressed of what these speaker cables are capable of!  THE MUSIC JUST GOT OTHER DIMENSION TO IT.  I will now be enjoying my music to the fullest and will write again tomorrow  –  Best from Eirik

From Norway

Hi Paul,  Just did a test of the ultimate range HDMI. In a start of the movie, I watch 15 min, three times before switching to the new cable. Now I know the colors and picture quality. The new cable is much better the stock one I used before. The colors is  more saturated and looks better. The white colors in the movie are more bright! Wow!  The picture quality are more smooth and Less noise or artifacts. The scenes seems like they are more calm.contrast is more sharp and edges is better defined. As a watch the movie now, I noticed how good the sound is! Thanks to the upgraded speakercables and RCA. Wow, The sound is so rich. Love it!! The bass is so high quality, deep and soft. It first time I see a movie after the new cables  are in place. And what a treat it is!! (can’t wait to hear  what my friends will say, then they come and see and hear this! Best from Eirik

From UK

Hello Paul and this is just a quick word for me to say really loving these new cables. I do not understand how that can sound so good and yet cost so little! What is your secret man I will be with you for ever at this rate. The cable sound so sweet and noe fitted in the sons music room in then basement – I thought I worked start with this cable but in some ways prefer it to mine – best regards,  David loudspeaker cable

From USA

Hello Paul – Your jumpers showed up last night and Initial impressions are very good. Highs are much smoother, Midrange more natural and Bass rocks, A big difference in every thing man and so happy – Warmest regards,  Monte

From Denmark

Hey Paul had these new jumpers playing for a few minutes and right out the box so good and like I have another system playing. I now get more of everything and the music is OFF the floor! Just amazed at what four bits of cable can do. Really great job and thanks so much. Regards,  Rolfe   loudspeaker cable

From UK

Paul – just got the new Elite loudspeaker cable and just want to say I am very please with the way that is sound right out of the box. Had just a few hours on it now but so happy I just have too tell you. It is a real step up from  the standard I had last year and this has more energy and detail which I LOVE – will be in touch best regards Rommy

From USA

Hello Paul – The new 4 meter bi-wire showed up last night – had a brief chance to listen to them. Initial impressions are good – highs are much smoother than the Tributaries, midrange more natural, haven’t listened to anything with enough deep bass to tell yet but is steadily improving. Most noticeable everything is more unified now instead of highs, mids and lows separate from each other as with the old cables. Soundstage is less wide but much deeper. thanks, Nick

.From Norway

Hi Paul – Been enjoying my sound system with your cables. Sound great as ever. I Just bought the new Oppo UDP-205, and I’m really impressed by the picture and sound quality of the player.
I saw pictures of your new bi-wire cable and happy you still able to develop new and exciting products!! I’m sure it sounds fantastic as with your other cables, but In my system I’m only able to do single wire.
I hope you have the same success with this new bi-wire cable as the other loudspeaker cable because you make some awesome hifi cables. – Eirik

From UK

Hi Paul just want to say a big thank you and how the heck could to make such a great sounding loud speaker cable. As you said it certainly is better sounding than the old one and it has given me a much bigger soundstage and more of the music – when will you stop??? – Rommy

From Norway

Hi, Paul – Yes, these four-meter speaker cables are in they own league. Sound is so inviting,  so full,  so rich with details, and is mesmerising listening to it!
The beats and rhythm are exceptional to convey the music in the right way. I’m  absolutely in love with these speaker cables!!  You really have outdone yourself, Paul!  It brings all the Perkune cables together. Love the effects. My hi-fi system sounds great!!  The best it’s ever done! In all my 6 years building my system, this is the best sound I have heard from my system! Now I’m feeling ready to invite friends and family to show them what a good hi-fi system can bring in terms of sound and music.
I mean, I CAN HEAR EVERYTHING. The echoes, the micro details, the huge soundstage, the authenticity of instruments! The beats, rhythms and timing and the voice sounds natural and organic”- Eirik

From Poland

“Hi Paul your cables arrived yesterday and now playing them and after two hours my words are Hmmmm my goodness it is not stereo or 3D – maybe 4D just Fantastic!!! Also the cables seem to get better each 24 hours that goes by!”  I just LOVE you loudspeaker cable and again Thank you — Peter

From Thailand

Hi Paul, Interesting about cable burning in and having the best cables, way back 40 years ago when I first heard this stuff I thought it was all Bollocks for the companies selling you on it. But since then I know so much and a loudspeaker cable really does sound better after a few day and it does make a difference and thank you for a really great cable and I will order another three meter loudspeaker cable from you at Christmas time OK – Lou loudspeaker cable

From USA

Hi Paul – We have had some great reviews of the speaker cables by some top-end guys in the industry and now, (finally) Monte is ready to move forward. The next project is to finalize the power cable, then we do the same for interconnects. At your convenience can you please send 6 sets of interconnect cable and start on its way to me here in the good old USA?. there is no hurry, whenever you have the time. Let me know the price and I will PayPal the bucks to you and hopefully, it will be OK (It shouldn’t but you never know with PayPal). Looking forward to getting things going regards – David

From Poland

Hello Paul, Got the speaker cables and my first impressions are very positive – more detail, more selectiveness, more space around instruments, better rendering of room acoustics, a more tangible positioning of instruments on the soundstage. Everything seems to have calmed down which is why details shine through more easily than before. Depth has been emphasized a bit more profoundly as well. But let them transmit some more current before I pass any definite judgment. Yet I am very positively surprised with the performance as of here & now. I’ll come back with more comments as all virtues unfold over the next couple of days. –  Best regards Tomas

From USA

Paul, All I can say is Yahweh H. Buddha on a stick….if I thought my system was analytical and detailed before yesterday, I was wrong. Compared to now, it is like a different system altogether. Good recordings make my skin crawl because they are so real, bad recordings are almost intolerable, they are that harsh. My Enya recordings that I was convinced never contained any frequency about 1.5 KHZ are now so bright that they are quite edgy. Matapedia by Kate and Anna McGarrigle is now so open that it gave me goosebumps. Loretta is not so keen, though, once again we did the Lost Boys test and while she fully admits there is much more detail, it was not as enjoyable. Too much detail me thinks. I, on the other hand like it, and if the recording sucks, this system will let you know it.Just moving the TV back four inches opened up a world of detail that was not there before. I really would like to get rid of the A/V gear altogether, but it just is not possible right now, so I have to live with it, but that I can do. I attach photos of the after from my listening position, still cannot quite get the pans fully in the image, but you get the picture I think. Thanks for your help with that, it has made a huge difference.”  THX David

From Lithuania

Paul – you are the Man! This new 3 meter loud speaker cable and really is the BIZ! Yes you were right and it does make my system sound much better. Everything seems to be bigger somehow and that for me is the best present ever” –  Willie

From Australia

Hi Paul – WOW is an understatement I can hear the key stokes from a Bach harpsichord cd I played first. You are amazing bro, I shall put a review on your web site and will talk to you about your interconnects in the NY and I can highly recommend them to all who appreciate the best sound.  Your friend in Sydney,  Joe

From UK

Hi, Paul – after researching online I finally ordered a 3-meter Loudspeaker cable and must say that I couldn’t believe the difference. On my first listen I immediately noticed how the soundstage had opened up. I could really hear each instrument beautifully. The bass felt really tight and clear. I was amazed that by just changing the cables I could hear such a big difference, great website, and support has really opened my eyes. All the best Jon – London UK loudspeaker cable

From Norway

Hi, Paul,  I was want to tell you my buddy and I went to meet our friend. This was the first time I was listening to vinyl, and the system was top notch! The speakers were the Anthony Gallo Reference 3.5, with 200 w SS-amp was from MBL. As this was the first time listening to his system and vinyl, we did a lot of listening to come to terms what the Vinyl did or did not do to the music and the technical aspects of it.

Is was fun to understand how the difference was in comparison to digital vs analog. The music sounded like is was slower but not exactly. It just took its time to convey the music. Like it was not in a hurry, but just relaxed. Concentrated on the musical aspects. Vinyl has it charm I must admit but sounded like it needed more clarity. Yes, it was cracking in the recordings (and that was fine) but the upper frequency, I noticed it sounded muddy. The Analog LP player was top notch from a company I can’t remember just now,  but  it’s price range was in the 6000 pounds class.”

“After we had listened, we switched the loudspeaker speaker cable from his black magic revelation to the Perkune four meter. Right away,  the clarity was better in my ears. But not so familiar with his system, I was waiting for he to make the judgments.  After just a song or two,  He did make some remarks that are sounded good. Kind of vague to what his impression was,  I noticed is was an improvement.  Perkune rules!

Maybe it wasn’t enough time to do the speaker cable it’s justices,  but I know it can perform better. Further on, I had to show him my dac (Ayre DSD) and what it could do with digital music. I used Perkune XLR, Perkune power cable, Perkune speaker cable and Perkune USB cable.  And He was impressed, but then without real comparison.  We listened only for a short  time because It was getting late. I hope to bring him over to hear my system and then he will hear the real magic the Perkune cables can do –  Eirik louloudspeaker cabledspeaker cable

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